need help with this

my father is agnostic, he left the Church when young, he likes to talk about spirituality, so what should i say to him? he seems interested in magic since he has books and some tarot cards, never seen him doing anything except read the books i think. he also seems to have some resentment towards the Church for what they done in the anicent Mexico (on the conquest and the colony) so what should I say to him, and how often do you think I should bring this theme, should i ask him why did he leave the Church and try to correct whatever he might have wrong? or at least to prevent him for entering the occult practices or to leave them (knowing he is agnostic)?

also my brother, who seems to be reluctant to obey the Church at everything she says, he likes to take some parts annd leave other, i assume (don’t think i have asked him) thinking that he does not not have to obey the Church at everything, he also has a girlfriend and has sex with her, so i assume that that makes it more risky that he would leave the Church if he knew what she says about that.

i would lik to know specially for this cases but also in general how many times should I try to evangelize with words, i mean i sometimes feel like i should be all the time trying to, but i think that is being scrupulous.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” - Francis of Assisi
Lead by example
Pray for them
Be honest if they ask your opinion.
See if they will join you in an RCIA class or a Catholics Coming Home program.
Remember, only they can open the door… just stand there with God and gently knock.

There’s more I would like to say about your situation; however, I need a nap first.

The message of salvation is that Jesus came to redeem us from the works of Satan, and if we do not turn to Christ Satan has a grip on us. To convert one has to have an encounter with Christ. the first encounter usually is a turning from sin and turning to Christ. Some event has to take place in the mind and heart of the sinner that will produce the change from sin to virtue. We can not control this, but we can point the way, Jesus is the Way. Our prayers, of petition, and praise, and love are effective to ask the Father to turn your father, and brother to Jesus for salvation. Stay strong in your witness, all the petitioning to your brother and father is ineffective because they can not give what they do not have. St. Monica prayed for 28 to 32 yrs for the conversion of St.Augustine, she became holy and St.Augustine was instrumental in the conversion of many. So remain faithful to Jesus and keep petitioning Him, He wants it more than you, So courage, God bless you.

I think you already pray for them, I would suggest praying to Our Lady for their conversion.

On the other hand, it would not be prudent to constantly try to evangelize them, because this may lead them to further distance themselves from the Church. But I guess you could, once in a while, talk about your faith like sharing a personal experience, for example: “I’m so grateful that God is with me in this difficult situation, I don’t know what I would do without his help”.

With your father, when he wants to talk about spirituality with you, you could ask his a question, like: “Do you miss something from the time you were engaged in the Church?” or “How was your first Communion?” or something like that, that would, perhaps, bring up good memories about the Catholic church.

With your brother, you could probably suggest him the talks of Jason Evert, a chastity speaker, and there are others more, that might change his perspective. You could only tell him that you found his talk and it seems interesting, and let him choose to watch it or not.

These are my suggestions, but you know better the situation and what would be appropriate to do and to say.

I just want to add that I have a problem with the quote “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” by St Francis of Assisi, because it could be used as an excuse not to say anything in any circumstance, even when a good word may swift the boat in the right direction.

However, be always prudent and the Holy Spirit will guide you!

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