Need help with trusting God in my employment situation


Please help me.

I need to know if/ how to realize if God is leading me down a path or whether I need to listen more to God.

After 3 months of unemployment and local job searching in Houston, I began to look for work outside of Texas, I found several great job offers and took the best one in upstate NY. So I feel fortunate for the new job. I only had 2 offers in Houston that was 50% less pay, so I would not be abe to afford my bills.

So I took to job in NY and my wife and kids are back home until the house sells.

I really do not like NY and wish I could stay home in Houston.

I have prayed every known paryer for guidance and help. So it seems that the NY job was what I was drawn to, but I still hate it because I’m seperated from my family, and it does not feel right.

Do you think God was telling me to leave Houston and make this move?

Thank you,


You must be very lonely, and being alone have a lot of painful time in the evenings to struggle over these questions. I can’t say what God’s will is. I think a lot of issues influence what occurs that don’t directly relate to God’s will. The economic situation, the pain of job loss are not God’s will but the result of the present situation. If there is anyone to blame for the current difficulties it isn’t God but human mismanagement of socity and economics which is causing great misery in numerous homes throughout the country.

I think that God will give us blessings wherever we are and whatever the situation. If you can’t get work that covers your bills in Houston, then it hasn’t happened yet or may not happen in the foreseeable future. The same conditions that bring about unemployment also make it difficult for people to afford to buy houses…but I do hope you can sell yours soon. It’s very important for you and your family to be together so I pray God will aid you and your family in this.


Having been down a similar road (which, btw… I am still traversing :smiley: )… I understand well, what you’re feeling.

We were “led” away from our home in California, to the East Coast. And are now, also separated from most of our family. I am alone with the care of my elderly mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Thankfully, I’m now arriving at a point… where I can begin to see a “glimmer” of God’s Providential Will… in our circumstances. But it’s been a long road.

Your situation is difficult. And I wish I had words of comfort for you. But the truest words of Comfort will be found in the Gospels. I would recommend that while you’re waiting for your house to sell in Houston, and for your family to join you in New York… that (in your spare moments) you might study the Gospels. See what Our Lord has to say to you.

He IS with you. Never doubt that for a moment. His Holy Will is usually quite mysterious to our frail intellects. But He knows what is truly best for each of us. He will reveal His “plan” for you and your family.

God bless.


I think the most important thing in all of this is to ask Him what His deeper purpose is in your life through all this.


I think you’re exactly correct. :wink: That’s what I was alluding to, when I said that Our dear Lord is now showing me a “glimmer” of His Providential Will, in my own circumstances. But my wording wasn’t as eloquent as yours. Thanks for clarifying it. :slight_smile:

My own difficulties, in caring for an ailing, elderly parent… have been numerous. But I’m beginning to see… that I am a lump of clay… which Our Good Lord is working with. The end result will be to His Glory.

I’m sure this is Jesus’ “Plan” in the OP’s life and all our lives. God bless.


I spent 2 years looking for job that relates to my field of study with no luck. Finally, I prayed and asked the Lord to grant me a job where I can pray and worship Him. I got the job about a month later out of state. It was difficult to leave my family (I am not married). After few years being in this new state, I could see that God has heard my prayer and He is now leading me to some other place which I am not sure of … but I am praying about it – all for His Glory.


Thank to all for your words of encouragement.
Even though I feel bad and very remorseful for having to put my wife and children through this, somehow I feel some comfort knowng that I am indeed fortunate to having found such a good job. I just wish it was in Houston.

Anyway, I will thank God in all of this and continue to pray for guidance and direction down this path.

I often think that due to my many sins that even though I confess and ask for forgiveness, I’m still being punished for those sins that I continue to commit. I’m getting better with controlling my self, but I still fall off the wagon.


Maybe, since you do have a family to provide for, He allowed you the job in NY until one that He really wants for you becomes available in Houston (and with the current housing market, it may be quite a while before your house there sells). I’ve been unemployed for a very long time, however I’ve noone but myself to provide for. I’ve finally started to realize that only He can get me the job, I can only do what I can do (rework resume, apply to everything, etc.), then pray and wait. I don’t understand, but I don’t need to - I keep reading Job, especially chapters 39-40.


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