Need help!

One of the ladies in my parish approached me the other day and asked if I knew of any books about “Catholics being persecuted in Russia during the 20th century”. I think she’s mainly curious about the communist persecutions of the Church in Russia during that time.

 She's a nice lady and just went through RCIA last year, so I would really like to find a good book for her.  She really enjoys reading about Catholics persevering in the faith while being persecuted.  She said it gives her strength by reading about their examples.  She doesn't have Internet access, so she can't search for herself.

 Thanks for any help.

Here’s a lengthy Wikipedia entry on the subject.

I know, I know, Wikipedia can be an unreliable source, but the bibliography in the article may note a good, authoritative book on the subject. (I didn’t have time to do any deeper research on the topic; sorry.)


This months, The Word Among Us Magazine has article on Father Walter Ciszek who spend many years in the Soviet prison system. 1940 until 1963. He has written two books.

With God in Russia and He Leadeth Me.

I have not read them but the article was very good.

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