Need help!

So basically I’m in a rut. I’ve been going on this degree program that I am in now for over 6 years, my mother passed away almost a year ago and I am still recovering from that, I’m 70,000$ in debt from student loans, I’m not in good standing with my university and I have a 1.76 GPA. I’ve been studying international affairs in the Middle East this entire time, and it has constantly done nothing but drive my GPA lower and lower. Truthfully, all I want is to study theology. I just converted to Catholicism about 2 years ago, but since I was 16 years old I’ve wanted a theology degree, 23 now. I believe I have a call to religious life or the priesthood, but with my current debt it makes my discernment difficult. Furthermore I just don’t know which one he is calling me too which only adds more frustration and stress. I just want to teach others the faith, lead them to Christ and meditate on scripture, yet it almost seems hopeless cause I don’t have the money, my GPA is in the hole and it just doesn’t seem like my life is going anywhere…I feel stuck.

Have a meeting with you local bishop… If he sees that you are committed he will help you achieve your degree in theology with a grant or financial aid. That’s how my brother was able to afford seminary school…but other than that leave it all to God! :slight_smile:

Best of luck,
Trey C.

Some diocese like mine :smiley: pay 100% of the cost of seminary and don’t allow you to pay even if you have money. Certainly talk with your vocations director and bishop.

Just offered a prayer for you - I truly hope and believe that God will lead you and all obstacles will be removed so that you can do His will.

Pray the rosary DAILY
Eucharist Adoration weekly
Confession weekly
Mass as frequent as possible
Meet with your Bishop and vocations director to figure out how to pay for it all and discuss why your GPA is so low

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