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does anyone have any info on the history of the Church of Christ please

The book Strangers At Your Door by Albert Nevins may be of some help.

[quote=joetheman23]does anyone have any info on the history of the Church of Christ please

It depends on which Church of Christ your asking about. The above refers to Mormans LDS, I believe. The other one which may be what you are asking about is also Church of Christ.

Mary Morse Baker Eddy founded the Church of Christ, Scientist, in 1879.

She was born in Bow, New Hampshire and raised a Congregationalist, but she rebelled against teachings like predestination. She suffered chronic illness and developed a strong interest in the biblical accounts of early Christian healing. In 1843 she married George Washington Glover. He died about a year later, shortly before the birth of their only child, George Washington Glover, Jr. In 1853 she married Dr. Daniel Patterson. In the 1860s she began to explore faith-healing and associated with Phineas Quimby. His influence on her is disputed; she thought highly of him personally but ultimately disavowed his technique as more mesmerism-based than Christian.

After a severe injury in 1866 she turned to the Bible, recovered unexpectedly, and devoted the next three years to biblical study and the development of Christian Science. Convinced that illness was at base a mental illusion that could be healed through a clearer perception of God and of man as His spiritual idea, she began teaching her healing methodology to others privately. She divorced her second husband in 1873 for reason of adultery. In 1877 she married Asa Gilbert Eddy. She founded the Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston in 1879. Her third husband died in 1882. She devoted the remaining years of her life to the establishment of her church and revision of its textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She died in 1910.

there are more than just two Churches of Christ. there is the “Church of Jesus Christ and latter day saints” (the mormons), the Church of Christ Scientology (christian science), the denomination Church of Christ (which ironically enough agree with the catholic position on baptism having an active role in salvation, but they don’t baptize infants) and they are actually Christian (don’t get into some argument that mormons are Christian and scientology is Christian because you aren’t going to convince me and that’s not what this thread is about, there are already enough threads dealing with that issue). from the denomination “Church of Christ” comes the cult (started by a pastor in boston and has since been ejected from the Church of Christ but he kept the same name) and it is still called “the Church of Christ” but it will have a city name in their also like, “the Boston Church of Christ” or the (the one i’m familiar with) “the Cincinnati Church of Christ”. this last group seems like another Christian church (and they have many good beliefs) but they use very controlling methods to keep people involved. they invite folks to Bible studies that, on the surface, seem ok, but the more you get involved and become a member they track your giving (i.e. you have to give a certain percentage or amount to the church and nowhere else or else you are kicked out and go to hell), you have a quota of people you must bring in each month or couple of months, you must confess your sins to the congregation and if you sin too much you are out, and the biggest one is that they claim to be the only true Christianity and if you don’t attend their church you are not able to be saved. 20/20 did a story on them a few years ago because they have been popping up in many major cities (the cities that don’t have them are all doomed to hell). many people involved with them don’t know everything about them yet and are still under the guise that it is another Christian church.

those are the only Church of Christ churches i know of, which one are you looking for info on?

[quote=bengal_fan]there are more than just two Churches of Christ.

Your right about that. Spin off Churchs of Christ abound. It’s hard to tell which one he/she is looking for information on. :confused:

Sooner or later maybe we will get the right one or they will expound on which one they are refering to. :wink:

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