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Is it morally incorrect to use penis enlargement devices?


Well it depends on how small it is. How small is it???:stuck_out_tongue:


Like many moral questions it depends on the intent behind it. If it is simply for the sake of vanity, then it would generally not be morally permissible. This also goes for breast implants, Botox, face lifts, and other cosmetic alterations to the body. You have to look at the real intent behind having it done.

However, if this is causing problems in performing the “marital act” or with fertility, then that would be a different case.

Also, if a woman won’t accept a man because of this issue, she’s not worth having.


I don’t know if it’s immoral or not, but it’s foolish. You got what you got, and it ain’t gonna get any bigger. It’s a waste of money. These people play on men’s insecurities in a despicable way. Don’t waste your time or money.



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