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I’ve been working two jobs for a while now so I’m used to working long hours. The problem is my extra job has been cutting hours to the point where I’m only getting 3 - maybe 6 hours a week if I’m lucky. This has been getting worse and worse the last year. I need to find something else where I could work nights and make enough to get myself out of debt. Can anyone help me with ideas. I was thinking of trying for a hotel clerk position, retail or maybe waitressing. It’s really hard to find something that works around my full time job. I would like to be able to travel again and just do the basics like have my car repaired and go to the denist. I budget and shop mostly at garage sales and thrift stores to the point where there’s just no where else to save money anymore. :shrug: I even saw a credit counselor and got a lower rate on my credit card but it doesn’t help since the money I had comming in has been cut quite substancially. I’m just stressed out and tired of debt. I also don’t go out anymore …to save money but it’s just all really depressing. :blush:


This time of year there are a lot of opportunities at places that do taxes. My cousin and aunt both do it. My cousin has a full time job, but in the evenings and on weekends she is the receptionist there. She seems to make pretty good money! You don’t have to actually do taxes, because you can be the person that makes appointments or welcomes clients.


Great suggestion. A friend of mine does something similar and gets lots of hours and makes good $$ during tax time.

It’s only until April, but take advantage if you can. —KCT


Do you like marketing/selling ideas? Check out Pre-Paid Legal Services on line, they can put you in touch with a local rep. The whole concept is for normal folks to have immediate, affordable access to quality/specialty lawyers for any issue - including getting wills done - at no extra costs or hourly fees other than a monthly membership. I have had the plan for at least five years and used it more times than I can remember; started marketing it several years ago. You do it on your own time, but can quickly make $170+ every time someone signs up - not bad for an hour’s worth of time. You can do it as individual sales to families or businesses or network marketing where you build teams. Anyway, it is worth a look - Company is solid, been around for over 34 years.

Also, look into UPS or Fed Ex - everyone starts part-time, usually 20+ hours/wk and you still get full-time benefits. I’m checking into it myself, as well as everything else I’m doing! Good luck, God bless!


Thanks for all the great ideas. I’ll look into a tax office receptionist position that sounds good or maybe retail. My sister has worked at the same store for about three years and she says they would give me as many or few hours as I want. :wink:

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