Need info on a bible

Has anyone heard of the CatholicPrayer Bible? If so is it a GOOD bible? Please give me
as much info on this bible as you can. Thank you. :D:confused:

If its the one I’m thinking of its an nrsv with some points on the text to ponder. I don’t think it’s much use as a study bible.

What’s NRSV? I know its a bible translation but i’ve never heard of it. :confused:

I just bough a copy of this bible the other day (The Catholic Prayer Bible - Lectio Divina Edition).

The translation used is the NRSV-CE (New Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition), which is the translation we use for our Lectionary here in Canada. I wouldn’t call it my favourite translation, but it is one that is pretty easily readable (I also own the RSV-CE, which can be clunky at times). It is not the best one to use if you are serious scripture scholar (but let’s face it, if you’re going to study the Bible that in depth you should be reading it in Greek or Hebrew).

The Lectio Divina part is that there are some reflections in the margins for readings (each chapter usually) to help you reflect a little bit about what the reading means for you in your life. It loosely follows the pattern of Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, Contemplatio, where you read the passage (lectio), and then there’s usually a small reflection (Meditatio), followed by a suggested prayer related to the reading (Oratio), and the last one is an action (something to do) based on what you’ve read (Contemplatio, or Contemplation, is something you can’t really instruct. Contemplatio is when you sit in silence and just listen, resting in God).

The Lectio Divina text does contain an Imprimatur by Archbishop Myers of Newark.

I find it useful because it’s sometimes hard to connect what I’m reading with what it means for me in my life. The other reason I bought it was because it was larger then my other Bible (a pocket RSV-CE), which is harder to read for longer period because it’s a little small.

Is it a study bible? Does it help you interpret scriptures? Does it give you information on the books of the bible? Does it have maps? Or is more of a prayer bible? (Whatever that means.)

I would not call it a study bible, but that is a term that applies to very few English language bibles anyways (the only one I’m aware of is the RSV-2CE Study Bible by Ignatius Press. And for that one, only the NT is done, the OT won’t be completed until 2013/2014).

If you’re looking for “interpretation”, then you’re looking for material on Exegesis. Remember, there is nothing is scripture that is personal interpretation (1 Peter I believe).

The point is to help you reflect on the text. If you really want to have a comprehensive study of scriptures, then you’ll probably need to take Graduate level courses in it. It has a few general maps in the back, nothing comprehensive.

And like I said, if you really want the best “interpretations”, you’re going to need to learn Greek or Hebrew (or both) and read the original languages.

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thanks !!! :thumbsup::clapping::tiphat::bowdown2::blessyou:

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