Need movie reviews for kids and family please

I got the Ignatius press film catalog and I save up all year to purchase around this time good family catholic films, some for my DS who is 2.5 yrs old and some for the whole family and some just for DH and I and when DS is older. Below are my pics. I’ve already read the reviews if any on decent and amazon. Can any of you give your 2 cents on any of my pics below. I’m basically looking for an excuse to not buy some on the list and save some money but I’m having a tough time deciding what to eliminate. Let me know. Thanks! (and I know my DS will have to grow into some of the films. that’s ok, I’m in buying mode, have the money now and if I buy now I’ll save on shipping.)

For DS who is 2.5 yrs old and I think I have too many below, its getting expensive:

  1. The Eucharist for Little Children 14.95 25mins
  2. The First Christmas animated production 9.95 24 mins.
  3. A Christmas for Little Children 9.95 age 2-10 30 mins
  4. Nichaolas the boy who became santa (cartoon) 14.95 30 mins or get a
  5. Joshua and the big wall 14.95 veggie tale (because DS’ name is Joshua)
  6. I was There: The Holy Mass animated 16.95 30 mins.
  7. Animated Rosary for Children 19.95 (EWTN) 60 mins.
  8. The Best of Little Chldren 19.95 150 mins.
  9. Prince of Peace 10.95 30 mins
  10. Little Shepherd 12.95 25 mins.

For family or for just Mom & Dad

  1. The story of silent night 14.95 105 mins.
  2. The Diary of Immaculee 12.95 38 mins
  3. Apparitions at Fatima by EWTN 14.95 102 mins.
  4. Andrea Bocelli Sacred Arias 18.95 CD
  5. the story of the nativity 14.95 60 mins.

Sorry, I haven’t seen any of the films you list. I have heard good things about Veggie Tales and would recommend videos from that series for your younger chid. I don’t know how strictly they follow church teachings though, but like I’ve said, I’ve heard great things about them.

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