Need muslims approval to build a church?


Hi Folks.
I live in a country whereas about 75-80% is muslim population. I’m a cradle Catholic but I know I would not trade my faith for anything :slight_smile: Recently I just found out that my parish church doesn’t have legal permit to build a church in that area. So its just like a hall… or school building. The government will not issue the permit if there is no approval from people who live in that area, around the church which is dominated by Muslim about 60-70%. The church itself has been trying to get the legal permit since 15 years ago. In 1990s when a priest gave a homily on a Sunday Mass… a bullet came through in to the window glasses and passed infront of his face… :bigyikes: Yep… someone was trying to kill him. That was a reminder for not asking them for approval to build a church. Thus, til now we are having Church but not in real church. its a hall lookalike. Pretty sad to see that but nothing we can do. We actually dont care too much for physical building… we believe the true church is within our heart. Just wondering that this case is not happened only to our church… alot of churches having the same cases in Indo.:frowning:

Just wanted to know what are your thinking as Catholics… you are very lucky to live where freedom of faith is highly appreciated… but I am sure God will always be with us…

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It is very difficult indeed when one entrenched, strict and exclusive ideological position has to counter another, which is equally entrenched, exclusive and strictly ideological. The only solution has surely to be the secular and civil liberal polity. I wonder!


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