Need Pointers/Advise For Liturgy?


I signed up for these forums just a few minutes ago. I would really appreciate some advise as I’m in a confusing situation, and I do not know where else to get advise on this matter.

So here it is. About a year ago I was baptised as -Orthodox (Serbian) and I attended Liturgy ONCE. I was not able to attend church again, due to various problems, family, personal, financial etc.

However I have overcome many problems, and I am now able to attend church on a more regular basis. BUT THERE IS ONE THING. I moved from my previous location about 3 weeks ago, which means that I am no longer in the Church where I was baptised, but I’m now in a different country, and there is no Eastern Church present where I currenty stay.

The only Orthodox church here is an Oriental Church, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church. I have contacted the archbishop of this church. The archbishop has told me that we are all orthodox, and since there is no Eastern church here, I will be permitted me to attend their Church and Commune with them.

So, now my question begins. Since I had only attended a Liturgy once, I am not very familiar with the entire process, I am hoping that some people could give me pointers on the liturgy, eg what happens when, and what I should do etc? Should I just follow what everyone does?

I know that Roman Catholics have a Missal which tells them what to do, do Orthodox have something like this that I can use? If not could someone please outline the basic procedure for me so that I wouldnt be confused when I attend?

I would really appreciate this. Thanks.

I would suggest posting this on an Orthodox forum. I don’t know much about it, but there is
Just a suggestion.


My understanding is that the Ethiopian Liturgy is quite different than the Byzantine Liturgy of the Serbian Church, so I think they would quite expect you to have difficulty following. So yes, I’d just follow along and do what they do.

I would recommend that you contact your old bishop about the matter before receiving in the Ethiopian Church. Generally speaking it isn’t a problem, but it is good form.

Thank you for the information. I wasnt aware of this forum.

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