Need Post-Partum NFP Help!


Is there anyone out there who can help me with a few questions? I am a new member of CCL but can’t get either of my assigned counselours to reply. I would appreciate it!


Try posting your questions on the parenting forum. Many women there can help you with that.


I’ve had postpartum experience with NFP… not sure I’m an “expert” in everything, but I can try to answer questions…

Ask away! Or PM me!


Here is my situation. I only have 2 months of charting experience. I began in January last year and got pregnant in March. However, I feel very comfortable about telling the difference between the different kinds of mucus, the cervical exams, etc. I had my baby December 10, and am now a little confused! I am doing ecological breastfeeding, with only a few exeptions. I will have to return to work part time, so I have been pumping on average once a day. I have an abundant milk supply. My daughter does not spend a lot of time at the breast, as she is all business when it comes to eating. She will typically only take one breast at a time and it is only for 5-8 minutes, sometimes less (last night she gulped for 3 minutes and wouldn’t take more.) She is getting enough to eat as evidenced by her diapers and good weight gain.

I have been temping for several weeks now. They have been consistently low and consistent withmy pre-pregnancy temps, with a few dips of .4 or more. At 3 weeks I checked my cervix. It was definately closed and very firm. At 4-5 weeks I believe I had what the book calls “the early period.” Shortly after, I noticed clear, stretchy mucus. It lasted a couple days and went away. Since then, I have had several episodes of this mucus, but it’s often only once during the day, and never lasts more than 1 day. I have checked my cervix several times in the last 3 weeks, and it is slightly open and soft. I assumed I should consider myself in phase II, but it has been like this for more almost 4 weeks now. When I don’t see mucus, which is 90% of the time, I am definately having dry days.

Is this normal? We have sufficient reason to avoid right now, so we are trying to be cautious. But , considering my husband is not Catholic and skeptical, not to mention it has been almost 7 weeks since marital relations, I am feeling desperate because I am not sure which phase I am in.

I appreciate your time!



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