Need prayer for job search


I have been out of work for quite a while now, was going through some personal and physical trials that have been prohibitive.

I have been earnestly looking for a job for about 6 months now and I’m just not having any luck at all in my field, which is Administrative Asst./Bookkeeping. I have over 20 years worth of experience, and though I have recently moved, I am not out of commuting range for a decent size metro area that I have always worked in, but I’m not getting any responses, sending out an average of 6-10 resume’s a week. I’ve gone to recruiters, done everything I know to do, and nothing.

I’m falling into a noticeable depression over this, and that’s the last thing I need. I’m trying to stay focused and upbeat, but I feel like it’s a front at this stage, inside I’m increasingly becoming very frightened.

Please pray that I will find something soon, I am on the verge of desperation.:blush:

Thank you!


Praying for you! Don’t loose hope, Dear!:slight_smile:



Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with you. You are the most blessed among all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.Holy Mary, mother of God, please pray for all us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen


I pray that you find work soon and know exactly how it feels. After a back injury I was forced to quit my old job. Have you thought of volunteering, although that is not possible in some locations, it does break the tension of the waiting game and provides a positive contribution to your community. Peace be with you.




I’ll pray that you would find work soon. :gopray:


I will pray for you, since we have almost the same concerns.


My prayers for you :gopray2:




Dear Jeanette - will keep you in prayer with St. Rita, patroness of desperate causes. Really hoping a job will come up for you soon and that your worry and nerves re employment will settle…Blessings with Peace - Barb




Prayers to St. Joseph for you!


Thank you guys so much, just scrolling down through the replies, knowing prayers were going out on my behalf, brought a good flow of tears! Good ones!

I didn’t know of St. Rita. I’m a pretty new Catholic, I’m just learning of the Saints here and there. Rita is my mothers name, and although she’s not Catholic, it will be easy for me to remember St. Rita. I’ll have two Rita’s praying on my behalf!

And St. Joseph too!



I know we are not supposed to give advice, but have you checked the temp section of the phone book? Will pray something comes soon


I sent you a note… Go to, select radio button 'ABOUT", select careers- there are 4 administrative assistant positions… Great company, great benefits, good people…

I will keep you in my prayers…




Don’t forget the temp agencies - sometimes its the foot in the door. Prayers for you for a good job soon that fills your needs. God Bless.


All about St. Rita:


Great! Thank you.:slight_smile:


From a page on the net…

<< St. Brigid of Sweden (1302-1373) received this advice from the Lord : « Pray Saint Jude with trust because faithful to his name Thaddeus – gentle and kind – he will be swift to help you.». >>

So many have recieved help through prayers to St Jude in causes like yours.

I pray that you will have the faith and trust to ask with deep conviction. I also pray that the outcome will exceed your expectations.



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