Need prayer to kick a habit


I have finally decided to quit smoking. I’ve had an over a pack a day habit for over 5 years, and I am not looking forward to withdrawls. I am also concerned that in quitting this, many of my old self-destructive behaviors will surface again. Please pray that I will stay the course with this, as it is something that I need to stop.

God Bless!


God grant Ericka the grace to practice self-discipline for her own sake and the sake of the kingdom! Mary, pray with us. Amen. :harp:


I had to stop when i was diagnosed with cancer I quit, god took care of the cancer and my desire to smoke, please Lord let the holy spirit provide strngth to Ericka and help her through this time, let this by done with joy and calm and provide all blessings to her and all around her during this time, let her be filled with your works so she is not even aware she is no longer smoking until the habit and the craving are gone, or take all craving away, in Jesus name we pray, amen


Ericka, our encouragement and prayers for you to get contol, minute by minute, hour by hour, coffee break by coffee break, and day by day this insidious habit.

Keep us infirmed, girl, so that we can help to keep you honest :smiley:
You can do it! :slight_smile:


I pray that you will be able to quit, unlike myself. When I get in stressful situations, I smoke like a chimney sometimes. I have tried to learn other coping skills but they don’t always work. Sometimes, the best coping skill is to give it all over to God and so therefore, I pray for you now:

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not in to temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

St. Michael the Archangel, defender in battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou oh prince of the heavenly host by the power of God cast in to Hell, Satan and all his evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


Praying for success in kicking this habit and to maintain control over other destructive behaviors…


Thank you everyone for your prayers! My tenative quit date is Feb 25, but I am seriously considering stopping even before then. I wanted to give up smoking for Lent, but setting a quit date has really angered the nicodeamon, and I’ve been smoking much, much more, and thus, it would be harder to quit by the time Ash Wednesday rolls around. I’m really praying that my nicotene replacement comes in the mail really, really soon!

Again, thanks for the prayers and encouragement! I will definately keep everyone posted here for accountability. Luckily, my closest friend quit 15 months ago, and he’s been a GREAT support as well.

God Bless!


I read in one of his biographies that St Pio was asked once by a man to pray for him to quit smoking. He told him him that smoking was a disgusting habit and after the man heard that, he never smoked again!

Praying that you stop smoking through the intercession of St. Pio.


Continued prayers…

I like the idea of starting to end any bad habit or vice on Ash Wed though.Really has me thinking…


Praying for Ericka to kick the nicotine habit as well stay away from all destructive habits


Erica - in Christ you are a new creation - the old is no longer remembered. Only the evil one can drag you back to old destructive habits. Our Blessed Mother will hold your hand in hers and will gently guide you - addictions don’t need an act of violence to overcome - simply a gesture of humility and submission - and you’ll be there! God love you! Theresa


Will remember your intentions at today’s Sunday Mass. Be strong and take care…


Great decision! I understand the struggle with it. I smoked for 10 years and quit cold turkey on July 7, 2005. It is possible and you can do it. It’s a wonderful feeling!!

I will be praying for your success!

Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee,
Blessed are thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


I am really happy you started the first step in becoming a non-smoker…I am here to give you lot’s of encouragement as i smoked for 30 years ,and have been a non-smoker for 3 years and 1 month…If i can do it , you can do it…Yes, Ericka, i was once you, waking up and reaching for a butt, eating then having to have one, drinking well forget that , went hand in hand…So get your bag out and fill it with Nicotine patch, sugarfree bubble gum, cinnammon sticks, straws, and you will need alot of deep breathing , hold as long as you can, then blow out for as long as you can,remember, that you are a non smoker once you quit, and tell yourself that constantly, when you see someone smoke, say , i used to do that but i am a non smoker now…and know that the uncomfortable craving will go away in about 10 seconds, just keep doing your deep breathing exercises. Save the 5.50 a day in a bank and in about a month go buy yourself an outfit, do your nails or hair, make a reward to look forward to besides the great health you will have…May God give you all the help and strength to kick this habit once and for all…I give him all the credit for helping me …AMEN…warmly, LynneMarie


I want to thank everyone for their prayers! I’ve had a few nervous moments the past few days (trying really hard not to focus on my quit date too hard yet), but for the most part, I’ve been at peace. I would have replied back sooner, though, but I’ve had a massive migraine and slept most of the day yesterday. I’m feeling much better now, but I’m still a little light sensitive (and too much time in front of a computer will make it worse). But I wanted to spend a few minutes to tell everyone how touched and blessed I am by their prayers and advise.

I especially wanted to thank LynnMarie for all of your wonderful advise… I can’t do the patch (I break out with the glue), but I am doing the inhaler. I figured the action of using it would help with the “having to do something with my hands” moments, as well. I added cinamon sticks and sugarfree gum to my list for my next grocery run. Thanks for the suggestions!

God Bless!


Sounds like you are ready to do this! You go sis in Christ…I never heard of the inhalor, but sounds like a good idea…Remember, your always going to have stress, you just need other ways to deal with it…taking a walk or swim , whatever you like to do…been thinking of buying a bike myself…lol…Please pray for my ex who just had his left lung out and was hospitalized for 5 days and guess what? You got it, he is smoking again…what does it take? He only has the right one now…frustrating for my kids , and i must admit, i would be going bonkers if i was still married to him over this…they did nine biopsys on him, and he gets the result next week…here i am on this sight praying and praying for him…Lordy lordy…Give you and myself and kids strength…You CAN do this , you can…get all your helpers ready…okay, you future non -smoker…lol…Warmly, LynneMarie


Yeah, those long exhales always helped me when I was stressed. And I still do them to this day!
You are definitely on the right track and already have so much great advice!
I used to just chew cinnamon gum to help curb my cravings.
And I always kept a pen in my car so I’d have something to hold until the habit was broken. You’ll get a kick out of this…one day I was driving back to work from lunch, holding the pen in my left hand…then all of a sudden, I tried to “ash” the pen out of the window!! Talk about habit!
I can only imagine what someone would think had there been a car beside me!!! :smiley:


Continued prayers…


Many prayers coming your way, Ericka! Be encouraged! You CAN do this!! May God bless your efforts and our Blessed Mother help you resist all temptations!


Praying very hard for you to kick the habit. You might want to try and reduce the amount of smoking you do each day until you reach your quit date. That way you won’t have to go ‘cold turkey’ all at once. God be with you as you fight this habit!

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