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I am new to the site. I would like to start by telling you a little about me. I have worked at my current job for 16 years and was doing very well. Until two summer ago when I was moved and was demoted in August. I ended up getting sick and was out for about 4 months. Came back to work for a month and in January was wrongly fired. They brought me back after my grievance in April and have been here since. However, know I am hearing that I am going to be fired again.

I just don’t feel comfortable here anymore since they keep saying that I did something wrong when I didn’t. I need prayer for peace in my life and to be left alone by these people that continue to attack me. I need a new job and I have been praying for God to place me where he needs me to be. Pray for me. I don’t know where God wants me to be and I can feel it now that it is not here.

:frighten: :sad_bye:


DDEL, God has a reason for all the things that come our way…dont hate the people that attack you…just think that these are people who will make you stronger. everything is just a test for your faith to the Lord so hold on…the Lord is a good provider…just believe that you will make it through

God, please bless DDEL that he/she may surpass this trial in his/her life. protect him/her from all the factors that may weaken his/her faith in YOU.
We love YOU Lord



I will pray for you.


Hi DDel and warm welcome to CAF .
I understand how hard is to deal with unkindness to your working place , happend to me , too .
I’ll pray for God’s presence and peace in your life , that you’ll find a new job , so you’ll be free from all unjust attacks against you .I pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide you in this situation and that our Lord Jesus Christ shall be glorified in the outcome of this job search .
In Jesus Holy Name , Amen

Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory Be…Amen


Praying for your intentions.

Our Father…


prayers for what is best for you…



LORD Jesus
Help Ur Son


Thank you for your prayers.

Why am I feeling worst and have a bad feeling inside? Why does it come into my head to give up? Sometimes I think that I deserver everything that is happening to me. I go to mass every Sunday and Tuesday. I go to adoration on Wednesday for the pass 2 years but I still do not feel as close to God. I am not perfect because I sometimes fall into temptation and sin. However, I go to confession to clean my sins. What do I need to do to really get closer to God? My life needs to change but what do I do? Am I praying wrong? What??? What??? Help!!!

:confused: :sad_bye:


Praying very hard for the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you to happiness and peace of mind!


Praying for you from today’s Liturgy of the Hours:

Psalm 15 (16)
The Lord, my inheritance

My body will rest in calm and hope.

Preserve me, Lord, I put my hope in you.

I have said to the Lord “You are my Lord, in you alone is all my good.”
As for the holy and noble men of the land, in them is all my delight.
But for those who run to alien gods, their sorrows are many.
I will not share in their libations of blood. I will not speak their names.

You, Lord, are my inheritance and my cup. You control my destiny,
the lot marked out for me is of the best, my inheritance is all I could ask for.
I will bless the Lord who gave me understanding; even in the night my heart will teach me wisdom.
I will hold the Lord for ever in my sight: with him at my side I can never be shaken.
Thus it is that my heart rejoices, heart and soul together; while my body rests in calm hope.

You will not leave my soul in the underworld. You will not let your chosen one see decay.
You will show me the paths of life, the fullness of joy before your face, and delights at your right hand until the end of time.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.


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