Need prayers for employment situation


After 3 months of unemployment I took a good job in upstate NY, far away from my home in Houston, TX. I have been unable to find suitable employment in Houston unless I take a 50% pay cut. So I decided to look for a job nationally and found good opportunities.

Anyway, please pray for me that either my house in Houston sells quickly so my family can join me in NY, or that the good Lord will bring me a new job in Houston so I can go back home.

I between a rock and a hard place with this, and I’m very apprehensive.

Thank you all for your prayers.



May the Lord give you the gift of His wisdom and the clarity to follow His prompting.

I hope everything goes well.
God bless:)


God grant you peace and resolution to your difficulties. I pray that despite the economic hard times you manage to sell your house soon so that your family may join you. Or the alternative you mention. I thank the Lord that you are one of the lucky ones who have managed to obtain work after a period of unemployment. So many do not. I ask God to continue blessing you and your family, and to reunite you all soon.


You are always in my prayer and thought. I pray that you will experience God’s peace in this situation and that the housing situation will be sorted out.

Love in Jesus

Neil x


Thank you for your prayers. With the times being so uncertain I’m trying have faith that God is leading me in the right direction.

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