Need Prayers for Job...



My employer announced this week that they are shutting down the facility where I work. Our department may be needed for another 6 months, so technically my co-workers and myself have work until January. We’ll receive 60 days notice and severance pay.

I’ve started the job search, so thank you for your prayers!!



I am praying for you. This is a tough situration. God bless you.


I am praying for you.
I have been where you are, a few times with not as much notice.
Remain faithful and also mention that you’re looking for a job to everyone you strike up a conversation with.


Dear Lord, please grant that Maria and her co workers will find stable employment …
…and prayers for all unemployed and those in financial difficulties…
St. Rita pray for Maria and all…


I’ll be praying for you Maria and your co-workers. :gopray:


Praying for you to find a better job.



You have my prayers…


Maria, Remember that God has a plan for you to be somewhere else!! You will be blessed by this whole situation!! You are in my prayers.


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