Need prayers- scared / anxiety

I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I need some help. I am a mom of 2 young ones. I’m a faithful Catholic. I have an anxiety disorder specifically about health. Had it about 10 years. I’m in therapy, have spoken to a priest a few times and I have ups and downs. Been doing pretty good lately but Sunday I had a panic attack due to a sensation of tingling on my face that has continued for 3 days now in the same spot. Everyone of my family members who know me feel 100% certain it’s just anxiety or something easily explainable and see no need to rush to doctor. After panicking for about 24 hours and unable to function I noticed my leg felt heavy and tingly. I resigned the the fact I might have MS or some other horrible thing. No one in my family believes this as it’s been 10 years of these types of things and catastrophic thinking on my part. I’ve been praying novenas and down on my knees begging for Jesus to free me from this dibilitating fear. I am terrified of death- leaving my 2 young children. Facing my judgement day. It makes me sick. Could anyone offer me prayers? Help? God does not want us living with anxiety that is clear in the Bible but , goodness ,
it’s horrible to beat :frowning:
BTW my toddler sons head hit into my chin before the tingling started a day later. Is this a reasonable assumption to make that thats why it buzzes and tingles off and on in a small spot? Trying to think rational but my anxious mind goes to dark places.


Prayer might help, but a SSRI might help more.

Go see a shrink.

I am on SSRI and I have a therapist and psych that subscribes and monitors my medicine.

Praying you find the right help and direction OP,God bless.


Praying for you!

I would actually like for you to have a follow-up with your doctors if the anxiety is not improving or getting worse. That means whatever treatment they’re giving you is not working as well as you and your doctors hoped.


Yes I may need a change in meda. Had been doing really great in CBT therapy for about 3 months before this “symptom” triggered a panic attack. Just having a hard time getting back on my feet emotionally. The more I worry the more my body does odd sensations and so the cycle continues. I am against demanding testing from doctors because it only brings peace of mind for a short time before the next thing happens. Also often times things show up in testing that are of no significance but that worry me to death. Thank you all who have read and offered support. I trust in the power of prayer and I trust God to hold me through this. He will never abandon me!

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[quote=“homerunmomx2, post:6, topic:539648, full:true”]. I trust in the power of prayer and I trust God to hold me through this. He will never abandon me!

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