Need prayers to overcome addiction


I really need some prayers to help me overcome an addiction that has plagued my life on and off for three years now. I am having a very hard time in overcoming the sins of masturbation and watching pornography. I go to confession every time after I fall and afterwards always feel so much better and give thanks to God for forgiving me of my sins. I go for about a week without having any temptations to sin again but then on any given day I am tempted and almost always succumb to the sins if my past. I try to go to mass as much as possible and daily pray the rosary but after so long it seems that I may never overcome these sins. Please if you would kindly remember me in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated.


Jesus please send Your Holy Spirit into this person’s life to alert them not to succumb to the temptaion to watch porn, so that gradully the temptation to do so will subside and disappear.

Please help all who are similarly tempted to overcome this addiction, and rather, see what gnerous and kind ways they can employ their thoughts, including in prayer for others who are tempted.


I will be praying that you overcome this addiction. Have you talked to your parish priest? It may help. Also, try think/picturing Our Blessed Mother looking at you when you feel the temptation. It may help you. God bless you and keep you.



This helped me.…0546!hypnorguk

If you are worried about what it will do, listen to it while alert and critical. Then you can judge for yourself if you want it in your subconsious.

Oh, and combine this with getting rid of the usual sources of temptation, be it the internet, the TV, or any other source.

Don’t get down on yourself. There are many men struggling with the same problems. Just remember, Jesus said, “Volo Mundare. I do wish it. Be clean.” If he said it. He can do it.

God bless,


:gopray: Father God break the chains that this poor brother is in. Build him up to have the ability to withstand the temptation.

May the Blessed Mother pray for us all



You will be in my prayers for your healing.

*Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase Your mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen




I know the fight and the shame and sorrow well. Train your thoughts on Jesus with daily prayer and reflection. As soon as you allow your thoughts to wander you will fall again. Reach out your hand and Jesus will help you back up. You will have to make sure you stay away from people, things, places that will occupy your thoughts. The temptations will always be there but your desires will change as you wont want to hurt Jesus.


Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou amongst women
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary mother of God
Pray for us sinners now and at the
hour of our death.


I am praying for you.


I know full well of this struggle and the cycle one goes through. You can break this cycle. Don’t ever give up…Will remember you in my prayers.


Praying for you.


Welcome to the struggle my brother. You are not alone. Many before you have battled this particular sin and many are still battling.

I picked up a couple issues from your email. First, you will be tempted, but the temptation itself is not sin. You will have thoughts, but the fleeting thought itself is not sin. So do not beat up on yourself because you are tempted or experience a fleeting thought. Second, you sin when you act on the temptation or indulge in the thought.

Do not despair when you give into the temptation or an impure thought.

I have lots of advice. Here are some links where I and others have discussed winning this battle in detail.

These links have other good resources. Here’s one:,%20etc.

Please visit these threads and sites.

Just remember, there is no sin so great that God will not forgive when a contrite heart asks for forgiveness in the sacrament of confession. Be brave and faithful.

Feel free to send me a PM.

May God keep you and strengthen you so that you may find peace. I’m praying for you.


praying for your addiction.
grandma glor


Still praying for your…


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