Need prayers to see new surgeon


I’ve been having “plumbing problems” since my surgery in Sept. 08. I asked around for a good GI surgeon as the one I have has been very rude to me in the past as well as his old (yes, she’s like 60+) secretary. Mind you, I have been very polite to them and when they were not polite, I figured they were having a bad day so I’d give them another chance. Well, 3 strikes and you are out.

Anyway, I made the decision to see Dr. C. I put the call in and explained that I needed an apt. to see him due to problems and that I wasn’t comfortable with the current surgeon. I get the call back later from the receptionist that he won’t see me and I need to see the other surgeon. I was in tears and very upset. I told her again that I have already seen him after the surgery and I wasn’t comfortable w/his staff or him any more. I asked her to see if I could get a 2nd opinion at least.

Then I cld my primary MD’s office and explained my dilemma while in tears. I asked the girl to ask Dr. M. to call the new surgeon and put in a good word for me as I am having problems.

Please pray that I can get into see him. I was always under the impression that pts. have a right for a 2nd opinion or even switching to a new doctor if they weren’t comfortable with the current one. thank you.


You shouldn’t have to stay where you feel neglected and uncomfortable, and most particularly whe you suffer the discomfort, and at times misery, of your condition.
I aks Jesus to help you obtain better and kinder treatment. I ask Him to grant your prayers

A warm hug…Trishie


Praying for you to find a new doctor and for your return to good health!



What an ordeal to have to go through when you are ill! I’ve been in the same position. I will be praying that you are able to see this new surgeon. Please hang in there!

Much love,


Praying for your intentions…


Thank you all for your prayers. I am awaiting a call from another surgeon that I saw back in 2003. I am hoping that he will see me so my plumbing can be fixed.

I have been dealing w/a partial obstruction for the past few days so I put myself on a liquid diet until I can talk to my GI and see if a test can be done to determine where the narrowing is and then go on to the surgeon to see if he can treat it (some narrowings can’t be but I read that there is a newer method by sewing it open so there is no bowel loss…) I can only hope for a miracle.

God Bless. Lisa


I am so sorry to hear this. How do you know you have a partial - only asking because I have similar problems. You can PM me if you wish. I will be saying my rosary shortly and will pray for a miracle for you!

Much love,

P.S. you’ve gone through so much - I don’t want you to hurt anymore. :frowning:


I am praying for you and understand your frustration. I too have been where you are. God is faithful and loves you and will be with you!!
Blessings to you,


Still praying very hard for your return to good health!


just a quick update…I have an appt. to see the surgeon I saw back in 2003 on Thurs. Feb. 19 at 10:15 am. Please pray that he will listen to my concerns and be willing to fix my “plumbing” so I don’t have to live with the constant pain, partial obstructions, & accidents from my bag for the rest of my life.

I am taking things one day at a time but it’s hard to manage a household,hubby, hound, and psychotic parakeet when I am buzzed on pain medication or just plain tired from being sore all day.

Also, please pray that my GI will run the appropriate tests to determine if there narrowing in my ileum has gotten better or worse. I just want to make sure that is not the cause of my pain.It may be adhesions, not sure yet. If it is narrowed, I can deal w/it appropriately.

thank you and have a warm and blessed weekend. :slight_smile:


Prayers offered for you that you can get the help you need. God Bless.



I am praying very hard that all will go well with your old surgeon. Hang in there! Life is tough! But - we’re all in this together. Praying for each other is the best thing we can do!



I’ll pray too Crohnie. You deserve good health, comfort and peace. May I ask you to not stop praying, and to keep your chaplet in hand when you will speak to your new surgeon.


Still praying very hard for you!


I will keep you in my prayers.


greetings, I am currently having “plumbing” problems that are causing partial bowel obstructions that are very painful. I saw my GI and he is scheduling a small bowel GI series this Wed. to see where the problem is and what’s causing it.

Please pray that a solution can be found and the surgeon can take care of it. I can handle this as I want my life back. It’s no fun trying to run a house,t take care of DH, a hound, and a parakeet when I am doubled over in pain or tired from taking pain meds to take the edge off the discomfort.

Also, I am not eating much due to it causing me pain/spasms. I miss eating!!! :frowning: :frowning: I miss eating my DH’s cooking!!! (sniff)

Thank you in advance. God Bless. :slight_smile:


Well, your sense of humour is alive and well, thankfully! The (sniff) was a good touch!

I ask the Lord to that the direct causes for these obstructions are quickly made obvious so that you can move to the next stage of repair of your current health problems.
Pleas God, then the pain will subside and life become more comfortable.

Love and prayers,
A warm hug


Continued prayers for you Crohnie


Praying for your healing.



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