Need question answered please

I am curious if there are any free audio books mp3 or pod-casts of any famous theologians such as Aquinas on the internet; Downloadable text would also help.

Thank You!

The Summa Theologica is online at New advent

Imitation of Christ is here:



As far as audio you may want to check here

Not of famous theologians, per se, but you may enjoy this mp3 series. :thumbsup:

These are the sermons from the FSSP parish I have been attending for the last 6 months or so

Thank God for these Holy Priest’s

Amen! It’s a case of lex orandi, lex credendi isn’t it? I am finding that their sermons and the ones of our FSSP priests here are championing some kind of spiritual renewal/deepening within me.

It isnt just coninsidence :thumbsup:


Thanks for plugging my site! :smiley:

If you’re looking for Catholic audio, I’m pretty sure I have enough to last you the rest of the year linked there. Personally, for your listening pleasure I would recommend Peter Kreeft, Bishop Fulton Sheen and Fr. Robert Altier (all available on that page if you scroll a bit), but your mileage may vary.

God Bless,

EDIT: My mistake. The Fr. Altier classes are on this page. I’ve GOT to start labeling them by speaker! :o


I like checking it out as you saw my post on MY blog about your site lol

Good stuff

Listening to Fr. Richard Neuhaus right now and the Talk he gave at Kentucky

That’s a good one. I’m listening to his talk on “The One True Church” I linked…yesterday?

Oh, and for the more traditionally minded, I have a pretty good section on Latin (lessons, chants, prayers, masses, etc.) and traditionalist talks here.

God Bless,

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