Need recommendation Catholic books for children of wiccan


I have permission to now and again explain a bit of Catholicism to a wiccan's (once a Catholic's) children. Apparently, she knows little of her own Catholic heritage and her middle school age child is already following suit in wiccan. This child has expressed curiosity about Christianity, probably because her friends are Christian. The parent says she wants her children free to choose their own faith, but can't explain Catholicism. They put up a Christmas tree each year, but the children don't know a thing about why. Any thoughts or book recommendations. The other child is a toddler. Oldest baptized Catholic; toddler baptized another Christian faith. I don't want to push the issue, either, if you know what I'm saying but would like to start sharing the Catholic faith with these children.


I don't know of any off hand, but I bet your Religious Education Coordinator would have some good books. They're supposed to be in charge of chatechesis and RCIA, so they might have some in the Church library if you have one.


That's a great idea. Never thought of that. Will ask next Sunday as there's usually a children's group coordinator at our Mass.


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