Need recommendation for a Mass book for a 6-year-old


Hi there.

I would like to get my daughter a book that she can use to follow along with what's happening during Mass. I had a great one when I was a child (although I don't remember the name). I bought her one from our Church, but it's really more advanced for an older child (it's hard for her to follow along).

I am looking for a sturdy book that she can follow along (like a Missal, but for an early reader). I've seen a few online, but I rather have one recommended.

I'd appreciate any recommendations if anyone has any. I figure if I have an exact title, I can find and order it online.

Thanks in advance!


You might want to wait until the words of the liturgy are updated which I think is happening in the next year or two. Otherwise some of the responses in her missal will be different than what the congregation is saying.

Hopefully they come out with some good children's missals incorporating the revised liturgical texts! My oldest daughter is also 6 and is struggling to follow along in the adult missal.


I subscribe to MagnifiKid for my 8 year old son and he enjoys it. Check it out at

If you're not ready to subscribe to something you haven't seen, your local Catholic bookstore may carry it.




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