Need some advice (am I being too superstitious)?


I have some very extended family and I’m thinking about going there and bringing a book to read; my concern is that this family practices Rekkei (like really practices it, at least one of them has a job that related to it) and this book I am bringing will be a religious book, I’m worried that if I bring it the book will become cursed because it was in the presence of that house and if someone else borrows it (going to the library) then something horrible will happen to them; am I overreacting or being too paranoid (now I’m worried it might happen if I bring any book and kinda worried because now it seems I had a thought of daring the devil), I understand this is something, people here would be very cautious of.

Either way, please pray for my extended family (sorry for sounding judgmental) and well for my family i general. Sorry to bother you and please forgive me if I actually spirtually harmed you instead of looking for reassurance on intrusive thoughts, pardon for being manipulative (pray for St.Michael).


Yep. You’re being over the top superstitious. Bring your book and be at peace. It is 2019 my friend. :slight_smile:


Yes you are being superstitious.


Reiki isn’t evil. It isn’t anything. It’s a belief system that is actually quite benign - a bit like aromatherapy or homeopathy - alternative therapies that basically have a placebo effect. Reiki ‘therapists’ hold their hands over a person (a bit like faith healers) and try to change a person’s energy to ‘heal’ them. They have built up a belief system around this therapy but they won’t ‘curse’ you or your book. People I have met who do Reiki seem like very nice, well meaning people. It isn’t a religion unless someone tries to turn it into one, but that can be said about a lot of things.

You are being way too superstitious. You have your own faith and beliefs, so just hold on to those and stop stressing so much. The whole world isn’t Catholic and you are going to have a hard time in life if you can’t interact with those who aren’t.

Have a good time and stop worrying.


You are being superstitious but I disagree with the other poster claiming Reiki isn’t problematic. Their whole method of “healing” is based around “spiritual or life energies” which really is nonsense if you think about it for more than a second. It’s incompatible with the Catholic understanding of medicine and healing. And just because people practicing it might be nice people doesn’t mean their practice is good. You are right to be suspicious of it.

I oversee a woman who claims to be Wiccan at work and she is a hard worker and nice person but that doesn’t mean her beliefs are harmless or that I condone them. But, I also don’t believe being around her is going to cause me any anguish or negative spiritual impact. I trust my guardian angel and the protection of our lady through the scapular to protect me. That and the St. Michael prayer.


I agree with Weave - Reiki is nonsense. But I don’t believe it is evil. Ignorance isn’t the same thing as active evil. There were people in Jesus’ time who cast out evil spirits in his name.The disciples worried about this but Jesus said if they aren’t against us, they are for us. People can try to use healing energies without being against Jesus (some might even call themselves Christian). People who try to do good can be misguided but there just isn’t any reason to get all upset about most of them. A lot of doctors disagree with alternative therapies like acupuncture and herbal remedies, but they tend to see them as a placebo effect rather than an active detriment to real medicine and science. Anyway, if you want to stress out about alternative healing choices, then do so, but I see most of them as benign and not worth getting all upset about.


I agree with with Weave that Reiki is problematic ,and many years ago our little class doing therapeutic massage was warned by the non dinomenational instructor to keep away from it ,that there was something evil about it in her experience :thinking: Her friend practiced Reikki and the instructor mentioned the opening of doors to evil.
So, @RCIAGraduate ,know that,pray for them but don’t be alarmed and expect your books to blow up etc :slightly_smiling_face:


That may have been her imagination, not her experience. IMO Reiki is no more or less harmful or evil than TM or any other pseudo-science, meditation, alternative healing technique. Seeing the devil in everything is what makes a person susceptible to that kind of thing. Weaver also said that being around a friend who is Wiccan isn’t going to ‘cause any anguish or negative spiritual impact’. It is more important to focus on what you believe than on what others believe. Stay in the light of Jesus and stop worrying about what other people are doing.


I’m sure it comes under occult.Our priests would advise against it.


Not all priests are scared of things just because they aren’t Catholic. I guess it depends on your priest.


I think you’re pulling my leg nunsense :upside_down_face:
It’s not a matter of being scared ,it’s knowing what is right and wrong as a practicing Catholic.
God bless !


And I think you’re being obtuse (or sneaky) by changing the topic of this thread from being too superstitious about something that might be wrong but isn’t intrinsically evil, to what is right and wrong as a Catholic. God bless you too!


Nothing bad happens to people who are not faithful if we pray for them or bring sacred objects close to them. Trust me. I’ve been where you are about someone close who is into horoscopes, oisho, atheism. I realised the fear was not from God but from the devil who fears some he has tricked might change their ways if we silently pray for their conversion and show them the true light by example and kindness.
Light breaks darkness not otherwise. The book can’t get cursed and in itself does not curse either. Be at peace. God bless.


I have had Reiki treatments. There is nothing evil about it.

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