Need some advice (and a small rant) on the J-Spot

Okay, I was invited to this event on Facebook; it’s being held on my campus at the end of this month.

It’s called the J -Spot, and the website link was

So I looked it up, and I was SHOCKED. Well, I know I shouldn’t be, but still, it’s unsettling. Especially since I was invited by a guy whom I had just met recently (I mean, I knew he existed, but we got to know each other a little bit at a weekend conference for student government, and he seemed nice, listened to me, and my deafness didn’t seem to bother him, and we seemed to have a similar sense of humor, etc ). And this guy’s profile says he’s Catholic, and his views are Conservative.

I know. I had thought, before I found out about this, perhaps he’s a nice one worth getting to know better. But now, I’m thinking he was after one thing, but I didn’t give any indication that I was interested in that sort of thing at all!. Still, it may not be directed at me per se, 'cause he invited his other facebook friends to it too. I’m disappointed. He’d really have to prove himself if he was to have a chance to even DATE me, much less anything else!

The other thing is that I know he’s on a student group on campus that organizes nearly all of the events on campus, of a huge variety, including a butt-sketch artist and the vagina monologues, etc (it’s a public university). And perhaps it was his turn to advertise the event. But still, I wonder, why didn’t he refuse?

I have yet to RSVP for the event on Facebook. And I’m considering writing on the wall about the vulgarity of the event, and then organizing a group with my Catholic group friends to advocate a different way. So, any insight, comments, thoughts, suggestions, as to what to do, what to write for my rsvp of “no”, etc. would be very much appreciated.

I’m sorry, this is just a rant, but college students are so stupid! Either all the guys are too shy, or too outgoing. Where’s the happy medium?

Going to college, you are going to be exposed to a lot of shocking things. As far as Facebook invites, I think you need to keep in mind a lot of that is more like “junk mail” and not necessarily aimed specifically at you. You will find that you will discover a lot of things about people on campus that you wish that you did not know, simply by looking at their Facebook profiles.

I wouldn’t bother responding to this particular invite, and as to the guy who sent it to you, well, just be thankful that now you do know enough to be wary.

Hon, I’m in a private university (that’s very liberal and Protestant) and it’s the same thing. Don’t think anything of it, especially if he’s on the planning committee. One of my friends is on Student Government at my campus and she’s mad right now because they want to bring a “women’s service” to our health center which means they’ll be basically doling out birth control and the flyers for it even say that abstinence doesn’t work. She’s against it but she’s the only one, sadly. But because the SG does it, she’d probably get lumped in for it. It’s probably the same with this guy.

A couple of my Christian girlfriends and I are in a feminist group on campus. A lot of the girls in it advocate contraception but we don’t, we work on things like domestic violence and body image. We don’t endorse everything in this club and honestly, they don’t expect us too, they actually told us to feel free to speak our minds on any issue. Our prolife group on campus does events with them too, which is really cool.

As for Facebook events, a friend invited me to the Big Forehead Club and another one invited me to Leggings aren’t real pants. They don’t expect you to join every group or event on Facebook. It’s Facebook, I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

I sincerely hope that is the case! Because he is very nice otherwise. Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile: Sometimes I jump off the deep end of emotions (it’s a bad time of the month, obviously) and it’s nice to be able to get outside opinions before i get stuck on any one thought or judge too prematurely. :slight_smile:

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