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I want to go to Confession. I feel like I’ve done a lot that’s wrong, but I don’t know exactly what I’ve done. There’s only like 3 things I can think of, but I feel like there’s a lot of sins that I’m iffy about - not sure if they’re sins, don’t remember too many details, not sure they’re mortal, etc.

So would I be fine confessing only what I know that I’m in mortal sin for doing?

By the way, if I committed a mortal sin, but there’s multiple sins included, how would I confess this?

Like let’s say that I’m guilty of lust, and I try to act on that by having sex with someone I see at a party by trying to get them to want to have sex, but my advances are stopped. Would this scenario be the sin of lust, seduction, impure acts…All of the above?



If you think it’s going to take long (Say you go during the week before Mass, when the Priest is the for a short time), then plan to make several short visits.

If you are comfortable making an appointment with the Priest (Say for an hour) and meet him in person (My preferred way of doing confession), you can then have a conversation and not only make a confession but get spiritual guidance as well.

Say if you have some sins that fall into the same category then confess under that category knowing that you are speaking about those sins.

Here’s some guides that should help you:



My advice would be to write down everything you think has been a sin and confess them all! Tell the priest you have a toilet roll of sins to confess and go for it. If in doubt, confess all as God wants you to trust in him. God wants you to ask for his mercy. Be truthful with God.

God wants you to come to him but only in truth. God needs your love and trust, in him.

Repent and live the life of Jesus. :thumbsup:


Look over a good examination of conscience. When I had to make a long confession coming into the Church, with some thought, I was able to pretty much define my long list of sins without rambling on and on about specifics. For example, to answer your question, you could say something like, “I attempted to engage in fornication” or “I made inappropriate sexual advances.” The priest will ask for more detail if necessary.



You are only required to confess what you know to be mortal sins. If you committed a certain mortal sin more than once, than you must say how many times you committed it, if you know the exact number, or if you don’t than you can say something like “I lusted five times” or “Iusted a few times.” The specific sin you committed is attempted seduction to have sex.


This is good advice, but I think needs some clarification, as it may have given the OP the impression that his situation is different from the rest of us who confess at the regular time.

In my experience, priests are always happy to take a question about the procedure within the confession (eg. “Do I need to mention the number of times, Father”), and any sins can be confessed in 20 minutes (max) - when one is already practiced in the sacrament.

However, if it is a first confession, or a return to the confessional after a long time, or one wants additional counselling then by all means make an appointment.

On the basis of what the OP said, I would be encouraging him to, first of all, just go to confession at a normal time. Other advice would be to bring a list (possibly) and also bring any questions to the confessional.

Still, make an appointment, if you feel it will help.


Okay, here’s what you do. Go in to confession, tell the priest I have a bunch of sins I feel guilty for, but don’t know what to say. Then, start, whatever you feel guilty about, confess. Trust me, I’m in the same boat all the time, and or have been there with you. Go in and start, once you start it’s easy. If you don’t confess everything on your mind and in your heart there’s no point. Forget that mortal sins only ****, get it off your chest…I’m worried God or the priest might find out, yeah, okay, sure… Once you get it done everything’s forgiven and forgotten. Try it, let me know how it turns out!!! I’ll pray for you, and good luck.


I would highly recommend confession venial sins as well.


I confess everything i can think of. I hate the thought of an unclean soul etc


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