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I've started a few threads about this, but I still seem lost.

Well I have a bad 'habit' of looking at porn. It's not an addiction, trust me. In fact, I haven't seen anything. Even when I would like at stuff like that, it was never an addiction. I have never been truly addicted.

Either way, it is something I want completely out of my life. It can put a bug strain on my relationship (girlfriend, not wife), and I don't want to hurt her, let alone ruin my soul forever.

Well, to quit, I:
-pray the prayer to St. Michael whenever I feel tempted
-pray every night
-go to Mass/Confession when possible.

So what's some good advice to get this... junk out of my life once and for all? I'm very committed to ending this, so any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


plead the blood of jesus for this temptation to go away

God sees you are trying to work through it! Keep up the good work, beloved of God!
bless you!


This program called X3 Watch is really good.

It sends a list of all websites you view to three friends that you trust. It is better than just an blocker because it makes you accountable to other real people.

It only costs about 20 bucks to get the full version. Not a bad price to help keep yourself out of mortal sin.


I will pass along the idea that someone else had. If you are seeing porn by use of a computer, put a picture of Mary or the Sacred Heart of Jesus next to the computer and when tempted look at Mother Mary and think of the sorrow she went through at seeing Jesus crucified before her eyes because of your sin or look at Jesus and take a good look at the Heart of Jesus that was pierced and emptied because of your sin. Maybe this will help make the temptation of Satan less inviting.




I would suggest making a firm commitment to God NEVER to go to communion after viewing porn unless you have gone to confession in between. And then when you go to confession, make sure you repent and seriously intend never to view it again. Some time, you will confess to viewing porn for the last time, because you never will look at it again. Maybe it will be next time.

Of course if you have any printed porn or DVDs or whatever you need to throw them all out immediately.

God will heal you of this temptation, just continue to trust in Him.

God bless you for trying to remove it from your life completely!



I agree with Jen..

also, pray to Mary to help you!! she's the perfect example of purity and she can definitely help anyone in this area...

and whenever you're tempted, just turn away from the computer and pray the Rosary

maybe also get something for your computer that will block any such websites


I pray a Hail Mary every night in my prayers. Unfortunately, I have no strong connection to Mary, although I do posses a desire to have one.

For the others, thank you for the advice. I would look at it on my phone (an iPhone, so the internet is displayed almost the same as on a regular computer). I actually took the internet off my phone so I would lessen my chances of looking at stuff. I also added pictures of St. Michael and La Pieta to reflect on them.

It feels that recently the temptations are at their worst. It feels like I’m thinking about porn a lot more than I should (I haven’t given in in about a month/month and a half).
This is starting to frustrate me, as it seems prayer has stopped working and I have to use my own will power to overcome temptation. I feel as though I’m on a see-saw, where I could go either to the good or to the bad.
I just want all temptation out of my life for good:frowning:

Thanks for the advice so far though. :slight_smile:


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