need some advice

my friend and i went door to door today evangelizing. it was a very positive experience, and far easier than i thought it would be. we encountered a couple of people who gave me permission to send them something about the church via email. one person was a man in his mid-twenties who was open to what we had to say but, as far as i could tell, has no particular church affiliation. the other was a woman who is a seventh-day adventist. i’m thinking i might send them differemt things.

again, what i send needs to be sent by email. any thoughts?


For the man i would reccomend some simpler reading material to sort of intrigue his interest, and stuff that is specifically Catholic, because i usually see alot of converts from other religions who make it to protestant denoms, but dont complete the journey home to Catholicism. For the seventh day adventist I would say send her some deeper reading which hits on some of the “fault” lines in her denomination, and the differences between the RCC and SDA.

Well, Praise God that the Holy Spirit moved your willing heart to spread the Gospel! Both of those persons are seeking in their hearts. The Adventist is seeking a fuller knowledge of God. In her case, maybe something that extolls the joy of the Eucharist-that which is completely lacking in her church. Refer to John 6:53 in support of your belief.

As to the young man, there appears to be a need for peace in his life. He is open, as his response to you indicated. A more general reply to him might stress the peace that Christ left us and how it is realized in daily life (prayer, devotions, contemplation etc.). He needs to know, as we all do, that peace IS Christ. We can experience it at anytime under any circumstances.

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and He will amaze yet again.

The peace of Christ be with you now and always.

Captain Mike, are you Catholic? If you are that is wonderful! :slight_smile:

Sweet Jesus in Heaven bless you!

I have never even thought about door to door evangelization in our faith! WOW! You truly are full of grace and an inspiration!!


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