Need some answers about demonic posession

1) Ok the first thing I have a question on…

Forgive me for not having a link, its been awhile since I read it and seemed to have forgot what the name of the article was but…

I was reading an online article about a person who interviewed an exorcist about demonic possession (or it could have been oppression, don’t remember).

The exorcist labeled one of the types of people who are at risk of possession were “frequent internet users”.

If anybody knows what article I am talking about could you please explain this in context. How does being on the internet alot cause demonic influence? Now I can see it possibly being a sinful waste of time if people do it in excess but I don’t understand how it can cause one to be at risk of possession.

2) Now the second thing I DO have a link for.

Its an exorcist who says **“For one to become possessed by the devil, one has to have a dedication to the devil, be cursed or lead a life that is full of sin; it is something more than just a struggle against temptation,” **

This is kind of worrying me also. Does that mean that if one stays in a state of grace, frequently visits the sacraments…one curse from somebody else could cause that person to be possessed regardless of how virtuous they have been living?

Ben, just because some random person on the internet says something, that doesn’t mean it’s true. You really shouldn’t worry about everything you read. Sometimes you have to say “Well, that’s his/her opinion,” and just move on.

Was the ‘exorcist’ being interviewed Catholic? I read the article below a few months ago. In it the following statement appears:

** “Apparently the Catholic Church believes that the reason for the rise in demonic possession seems to be because it is now so easy to delve into satanic rituals and mystical practices because they are so widespread on the internet.”**

I don’t know about your second question. I would speak to a Priest. We are assaulted by temptations from when we wake up to when we fall asleep. Spiritual warfare is ever present but demonic possession is very specific.

If you are a devout practicing Catholic, I doubt a single curse would do the job. I believe if you can invite the Holy Spirit which brings joy, peace and comfort into your heart/soul, you can also invite or at least open the door to your heart/soul to the exact opposite, an evil spirit by indulging in ouiji boards, tarot card readings, psychics etc.

The devils flee at the names of Jesus and Mary; invoke their protection often and be at peace. A soul that possesses sanctifying grace is more powerful than the demons.

Read ‘The Glories of Mary’ by St. Alphonsus Liguori if you have not already done so. It is best to stay away from the occult and other such things, especially if they bring confusion and worry. If you possess good-will, be at peace. God is for you. (I recommend chapter 4 in particular)

Also, it is good to wear a medal of St. Benedict.

God bless.

No the devil cannot touch you if you pray the rosary daily and like another answer said at the very name of Jesus and Mary he flees in fear. I remember over a year ago reading an article about Saint Dominic which proves how powerful the rosary is. I will try to find the link for you

Here is a link about Saint Dominic and the power of the rosary

The soul in the state of grace is like a strong fortress against the devil. Frequent Mass, confession, Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration increases and strengthens the soul’s fortifications.

It is also advisable to use blessed sacramentals. Wear a St Benedicts cross. Frequently sprinkle your home with holy water and blessed salt. Ensure you have holy statues and pictures in your home and a crucifix in each room. Ask a priest to bless your home. The devil and his demons hate all these things and generally prefer not to be around them for too long.

No one can say with absolute certainty why some get possessed and others don’t. However by living a life filled with sin combined with involvement in the occult you may as well hang a ‘vacancy’ sign around your neck advertising your soul. If it is not filled with God and light it will be filled with something. Usually darkness. Remember nature abhors a vacuum and this is never more true than with reference to the spiritual.

Good, devout faithful Catholics can and do experience demonic obsession, temptation and attacks but by staying close to the Lord they have nothing to fear. Trust in the Lord.

Try a search for prayers against curses etc.

This is a fascinating account… Thanks for posting it!

I certainly don’t want to discourage praying the rosary, but I think you have to be mindful of advice to pray it daily to protect oneself from demonic possession. If someone who suffers from scrupulosity were to heed such advice, and for whatever reason wasn’t able or didn’t pray the rosary on any particular day, that person could become irrationally frightened and worried.

Exactly. Remember what Moses said to the Hebrews, “You can’t trust everything you read on the Internet.”


I understand what you mean. I have slight scrupulosity and I sometimes feel I should restart my prayers over again but I just keep telling myself God understands and knows I don’t really think those things. No one understands or knows us better that God. I always put my total trust in God and that helps.

It is my understanding that there have been cases of people who were possessed due to a curse by someone. Two cases come to mind which are generally accepted as showing this (both occurred in the late 19th-early 20th century). One was a case of a young woman possessed by a number of demons who had been cursed by her father for not responding to his evil advances and continuing to go to church. The other was a woman cursed by what we would term today a psychic healer after she had agreed to ‘treatment’ by him and subsequently refused his advances as well. If I could put a common denominator on both it would be that the curses came from people who either through accident of birth or through agreement had some sort of authority over the one cursed. I would go even further and say that the authority had to go beyond mere mundane types of authority and have some spiritual component to it, that is to say that, for instance, someone’s boss at work wouldn’t meet the criteria that I have noticed in such stories.

As to the internet being influential in more possessions… yes, I can see this happening. Not that someone could get possessed by merely watching a video or something, but the information and socialization to further or to instigate interest and practice in New Age/Occult things is very, very easy to come by online which makes it very very easy to open doorways to the demonic in offline experimentation and associations.

See its stories like this that worry me. It sounds like no matter how much we try to protect ourselves with prayer, sacraments, etc. we still get possessed just because someone says a few evil chants in our direction.

I always have a fear of being “ripe for the picking” and fear offending anyone (even if the thing I did to offend them was pius) because you never know they might be into the occult and put a curse on me.

About that one story from FaustinaJulia, with the father putting a curse on her daughter who continued to go to mass, how do we know for sure she was a practicing Catholic and close to the sacraments? We don’t. She could have been in mortal sin or something and then her father could have cursed her while she was in that state. We just don’t know for sure.

Anyway, as has been stated already (I think), if one is practicing their faith and is close to the sacraments, there is absolutely no need for worry. Be at peace, and say often, Jesus, I trust in you!

Ive heard about the relation to the internet/ computers to Satan and demons before, quite a bit actually, in fact I know about 3 couples that refuse to have a computer in their home, as they believe this is how Satan and/or the Anti-christ will enter this world…dont know if thats true or not, but I could very well see Satan and other demons using the internet to their advantage, its actually the perfect medium for them, and I do not doubt they can manipulate it and computers in general pretty easily.

Yes I have heard things before about this. People say satan and evil spirits works through the airwaves like the internet, televisions etc if you think about it though look at the many immoral things on television nowadays and nothing but programmes about sex, murder, hate etc and the internet has so many horrible things on it. Infact I think it’s nearly worse as some websites is destroying the young before our eyes

Regarding the internet,simply put: Too much information. Humans are curious beings and with all the paranormal shows on,people especially teens,see it on TV and/or look it up on the internet.They can order ouija boards and everything under the sun from the couch.They play around and think its all fun and games never realizing they are literally releasing hell on earth and inviting it right into their life. It could be something as simple as looking up a demons name they heard on TV and they say it out loud. Everyone is at risk of demonic attack at any time-they don’t usually announce they’re there and can manipulate thoughts and actions.They have ranks and duties and have different levels of “strength”… There is a particular prayer you say to remove all curses,etc I will get it for you if you like.

I perfectly understand your fear-trust me-i was attacked after doing a house cleansing(which I saw done on Paranormal State) The results (for me)were disastrous.I will be writing a book for sure.BUT you are to fear God and nothing else. Here is the prayer:
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, i renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness. I reject the evil powers of this world and repent my sins. I renounce you.satan-your works,your deeds and lies. In the name of Jesus i break the power of every demonic curse,evil spell,hex,incantation,sorcery,witchcraft,black magic and/or satanic assignment directed toward me or my family.Wash me Lord in the blood of the Lamb and draw a blood line around me,my family,my home,property, business and resources. I loose the Angelic Warriors of our God. May Guardian Angels watch over and encamp around me/us. May the Heavenly Counsel/Angelic Host intercede for me/us to God for a protective covering of prayer.
I put my whole trust in Jesus Christ my Savior. I am sealed with the Holy Spirit and the evil one cannot touch me. I cancel all satans claims against me.Holy Spirit be my guide and friend. Amen.
I hope this will put your mind at ease a bit. God Bless, K

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