Need some "better" questions for the boys!


Okay, senior high school daughter in all girls’ catholic school in Human Sexuality class has a gender interview project. She has to come up with 10 questions to be asked of male students in regard to gender. The young me must be 14-18 years of age. So my daughter was reading some of the past projects for ideas of what to ask (oh and by the way she has to video tape the interviews). The questions were along the lines of “what would you do if you got a girl pregnant” and “do you think you should have a say if the girl keeps the baby”. I am finding this entire project awkward at best. While I get the idea of young woman seeing the attitudes of young men about these subjects, I am not sure if these are the type of questions that can be answered in theory. I am also not happy with the shock value that this project seems to promote. So I am hoping to come up with some other questions that might show a young man’s attitude about young women way before it gets to the point of unplanned pregnancy. So any ideas would be appreciated.


Well she could ask questions about how the boy perceives girls who dress immodestly. Or, perhaps she could ask what sort of woman he would like to be married to (wholesome or unwholesome).

What about asking about his perception of a woman’s role and man’s role in a marriage (who is responsible for housekeeping, yard care etc). There’s also the question about how he would feel if his wife made more money than he did.


Perfect! I love the idea of a girl you marry vs. a girl you date!


what does he look for in a girlfriend?

what attracts him to the opposite sex? whats a turn off?

what are some ways that you and your girlfriend can have fun on a date and avoid getting intimate?

If a girl you dated wanted to wait till marriage to have sex would you still date her? would you respect her wishes and not try to get physical with her?


How about:

Would you consider yourself to have been a typical little boy?

What would you consider to be typical of little boys?

Someone once said, “If you put a boy in a room full of dolls, leave him alone for half an hour, and then return, the room will be full of big tough machines, made of doll parts.” Do you think this would have been true of you, when you were a little boy?

What sort of street/field games do you like to play?

What sort of video games do you like to play?

Have you ever seen “The 300”? Which character is most like how you are, right now? King Leonidas as a young man (eager, reckless); King Leonidas as an adult man (courageous, willing to die for his principles); Xerxes (willing to kill for his principles, but not die for them); Ephialtes (weak, easily manipulated); or Theron (bully, manipulator)?


for the older boys age 16-18 yrs.—

do you think women are portrayed as objects in tv commercials? If so, how?

do you think that there’s a lot of peer pressure to have sex before marriage? why or why not?

why do you think there is a higher divorce rate today than say back in the 1970s? Is it because people can get it easily for any reason–not attracted to each other, nobody wants to work at their marriage anymore, Christ isn’t the center of their union–the church service was just for show, etc.


If you had a daughter, would you want her to date a boy like you? Why or why not?


how about:

how would you show respect to a girl you were dating?

What are examples of disrespect in a relationship?


These are all great questions! :thumbsup:

I think I’ll make a questionnaire out of them and require any of my daughter’s future suitors to fill it out…while I sit in the same room and clean my gun. :smiley:


rof!!! idrum. that’s a great idea. i will suggest that to my brother in law when it’s time for my 4 yr. old niece to date. :smiley: :smiley:

as a matter of fact, i’m going to have my sister have her hubby do the same for when it’s time for carolynn to date as well.
hee hee hee (shotgun comment–way too funny) :smiley:


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