Need some Christmas gift suggestions (books)

My MIL loves to read and has a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf filled with Catholic books – saints, devotionals, Church history, theology, pretty much anything Catholic. We typically buy her one or two Catholic books for Christmas, along with other gifts. This year has been a pretty busy year in our house, with less reading than usual, and I don’t really have a clue about any recently published Catholic books.

Can anyone suggest some new books (published within the last year) on Catholic topics that might be good Christmas gifts? I’d really appreciate some ideas. Thanks!

(Edited to add: I did browse some of the newer titles elsewhere on this website, but looking through a catalog isn’t quite the same as personal recommendations from those who’ve read the same books. :slight_smile: )

You can go to Holy Family Books and Gifts in Carmel, IN. I have heard it is a wonderful place to shop for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I’m more than a day’s drive from that bookstore, and there are no Catholic bookstores anywhere near me (we’ve looked).

The Light of the World is the newest book of Peter Seewald’s interview with the Holy Father. It is excellent and just came out last week.

Ignatius Press, Our Sunday Visitor, TAN, and Ascension Press are great publishers that usually come out with lots of very interesting looking books. You might check their websites and see if anything jumps out at you.

Ignatius also has DVDs if she likes to watch good Catholic and other wholesome movies.

Catholic Book Publishing Company has things like the Liturgy of the Hours and other good prayer books.

Maybe you could give her a gift certificate from one of these, too, in case she wants to browse.:slight_smile:

Not published this year, but I can and do always recommend the one in my signature.


Check out Bookmark on EWTN. Doug Keck interviews all of the authors and you can order the book right from the EWTN site.

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