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I work in healthcare and I live in a very liberal city and work for a secular organization. Every day I am faced with “helping” patients who want to do things that are inherently evil. Some examples are abortion, “sex change”, birth control, and underage treatment and procedures without parental knowledge, guidance or approval. I work in support services so I help patients with all of their needs except direct clinical care. It pains me terribly when I have to send referrals or find resources for patients that want to do something intrinsically evil.

I have spoken with my parish priest and he has assured me that I am not morally culpable for assisting these patients. He said I am remotely participating in a moral evil but because I am not advising or encouraging any of this, I am not culpable. I feel confident in his guidance. He did tell me to let my conscious be my guide and if I find I cannot continue to work in this environment that I should consider other fields of work.

Despite this agonizing situation I continue to be merciful and kind to all persons and I treat them with genuine compassion and respect. I do not let anyone know my turmoil; patients or co-workers.

It is just very discouraging for me to see what is happening in our society today. I cannot understand it as much as I try and my anxiety is getting worse. I do not have a very strong support system for my Catholic faith. I am a strong, firm believer in the teachings of the Church and I believe in mercy and compassion, but at the same time “instructing the ignorant” or standing firm against those who oppose Her teachings. There IS a moral right and wrong and I find very few who believe that, even some in my family.

I would really appreciate any encouragement or feedback anyone might have. Thank you for “listening” to me. :slight_smile:


See bolded. From the whole tone and tenor of your post you are -rightly- very uncomfortable doing what you do and would be better elsewhere and how your gifts would be a blessing and a gift elsewhere too!

We cannot change the world in huge ways BUT we can ensure our own little corner is pure and in God . Where you are you cannot change their ethos etc. Seeing what is impossible and walking away from it is often needful .

Please change jobs?


I agree with Rosebud. Find a true Catholic healthcare organization to work for. Ask a holy priest if he can recommend one near you.

Try the simply hired website. They have jobs open at Catholic Initiatives Healthcare network including Franciscan Medical Pavillion. I believe you are near Seattle.

Here is a link to their mission statement.


If you help someone commit a mortal sin, you become a Co conspirator in the mortal sin. Even if by words, or actions, it helps someone else commit a mortal sin, then you are also guilty of the mortal sin because you helped them.

Catechism states this.

Get a new job,

A Catholic cannot help or advise someone commit an abortion, tell them how to use birth control, or get an operation to change gender. It’s a mortal sin to help even if work obliges you to do so.

Jesus said, “Woe to you if you should cause any of mine to fall,”

A Catholic cannot tell someone where to and how to get an abortion, where to buy birth control and how to use it, or how to and where to get operations to change gender.
That’s the mortal sin of being a Co conspirator in the other persons sin, it’s telling them how to commit a mortal sin. The Catechism says if by word, action or encouragement you help the carrying out of a mortal sin, or encourage the mortal sin, then the mortal sin of being a Co conspirator of another’s mortal sin, is on your soul too. Not only that, but the sin the person commits is on your soul too.

No judgement on your pastor, a lot of priests are completely ignorant of canon law and parts of the catechism, I do not know if these are even taught in seminary any more.
But every priest and even the Pope must be in obedience to the catechism.


What kind of referrals or resources do you offer the patients?
If it opening doors for them to commit mortal sin and telling them where and how to do these mortal sins or sending them to others to help them commit these mortal sins then you are morally culpable according to the catechism for aiding, encouraging or helping another commit a mortal sin. And need to change jobs for your eternal salvation.


More then 10 years ago, I worked at the Post Office in Atlantic City, NJ. I was starting my life, and I was considering how I fit in the context of what has been known as “Contemptus mundi” (please google)

That particular Post Office was filled with pornography everyday. I elicited counsel from a priest in regard to this concern, and he told me you need to work you should stay. But I said, “but I am discerning to live a life as a Carthusian” that final statement elicited this response “do what is in your heart”. So I resigned.

Looking back, I had significant problems with employment from then onward for many years. But the Lord might make a hero out of me. And frankly, like a Carthusian, I do not want to be remembered. Saint Therese was right, it sure is the sublime wisdom to desire to be the suffering servant, the man of sorrows - the one who desires to be rejected and despised.

I encourage you to be a fool and make a heroic witness out of it, and with trust God will humble you considerably if you continue to be a good partner with him on the cross, rather then a partner on the dollar.


I’d suggest you contact the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and pro-life healthcare worker organizations, particularly if you can find one in your state, to understand what your legal rights are in the matter. In some states you have the right not to participate in objectionable areas, without reprisal at your job. In others, not so much.

Listen to your priest, who is well formed in the doctrines of the Church on the matter of cooperation with evil (and not to random internet posters who may tell you otherwise). But, bottom line, if you dread going to work every day it doesn’t matter whether you are in line with the Church’s teachings on cooperation with evil or not-- that is no way to live.


I want you to be aware that what I said was imprudent. My conscience indicated to me that I was exulting my self, and I lost in consequence of my post. I ask the reader to prepare yourself with wise discretion.

I lost, due to what I read from Saint Bonaventure, who quoted Augustine: “pride tears the whole benefit from our hand when we rejoice over some good deed” (cited Letter 118 in Disputed Questions on Evangelical Perfection, q. 1 concerning humility)


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