Need Some Help Here--job Dilemma?


Friends: I am basically a SAHM, raising my 3 boys, (4) including my Hubby. I just was offered a secretarial position to the Bishop in the Cathedral in my Diocese. (I was an attorney before I became a SAHM). I am honored, yet, perplexed. I just don’t know if I should accept it or not. It could be part-time, and accomodating to my children’s school hours. What should I do? I have always been one to face the fact and speak out that being a mom is first and foremost. All my kids now are in school. This would be very good hours. Can somebody lend some insight here for me? I do not want to be a hypocrite, as I really do believe a mom’s first and foremost job is her home and family. Yet again, they are all in school presently, and I have such a love for the Church and the whole realm of Catholicism. And perhaps they need my skills herein.

God Bless and I look forward to some intelligent responses!

In Christ~


Would you be home from the job before your children come home from school? If so, it seems you wouldn’t be losing any parenting time at all with them (assuming you’ll still have enough time to do whatever household stuff has to be done, and won’t be in a frazzled rush later in the day).

I’d go for it – it’s a way to serve the Church! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps the Holy Spirit is calling you to a dual vocation! :slight_smile:


I say accept the job. You stayed at home when the need was most crucial, and it seems like a part time position at the church would be very forgiving of parenting needs now that they are in school.
You have expressed concerns in other threads over your finances, so this seems like a terrific opportunity. Go for it, congratulations on your offer, and God be with you in your work.


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