Need some help in my old age


Is it morally wrong for a man to use a medical aid for E.D. when having sex with his wife to maintain and prolong the rights of sex within marriage? My wife is far beyond child bearing capability. She is afraid using a pill would be something akin to using contraceptives.
I need to know the Churches teaching on this. I don’t care about opinions.


I think you need to go to two sources for answers:

  1. the Catechism

Is there anything in the Catechism that speaks directly to the use of medicine in order to correct a physical problem that precludes someone having sexual relationship with their spouse?

  1. Pope Paul VI Institute

There is a website, but I do not know it…you can google it.

I suggest this site because there are doctors, good Catholic doctors, involved who may be able to better answer your questions.

I do not see anything in Church teaching that would preclude you from taking medicine to correct a physical problem so that you and your wife may have sexual relations. However, there may be someone with far more education in this area than I have at the institute I mentioned.

You are in my prayers!


No it is not morally wrong to use these ED pills (such as viagra) so that marital relations may be continued, when otherwise they couldn’t be due to a real medical problem. It is morally questionable, even sinful if used with the wrong notions, as I’ve gathered, that these pills be used solely to enhance the sexual experience, when everything is working normally and there is no true medical need for these treatments.


There is nothing wrong with using Cialis or Viagra if it is prescribed for your medical condition… and if anything, it will promote the unitive aspect of your marriage.


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