Need some help please!

Hello people!

Bit of a private subject, so I find myself when I’m in the showers or times when I Barely have clothes on I tend to get erections or the urge to get one. I typically try to stop it but it typically happens due to being a teenager or what not. Is there anything I can do or strategies to maybe lower this rate or what not?

I will pray for you.

Friend, I’ve noticed you post about this kind of thing quite a bit and you admit that you are scrupulous, have anxiety/OCD, etc.

Relax. You are in control, and you can’t fall into mortal sin with these things by accident. The body is not entirely at the beck and call of the will, and sin is primarily in the will. Be at ease. If you feel like you might have sinned, ask the Lord for forgiveness sincerely, believe you’ve received it, and move on.

Posting obsessively about this stuff will not be of much use to you. Check out the sticky thread at the top of this subforum about websites with resources for more help.

Get a regular spiritual director if you can.

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