Need some help understanding this

Ok so today at church, I picked up the newsletter and we usually have a type of message type thing on the front of the newsletter and the message on this one kind of confused me so I am asking if anyone could aid me with what it means, here it is:

"*A sobering comment on the worthlessness of working unnecessarily for material possessions is the old saying that there are no pockets in a shroud. Every generation learns, often through bitter experiences that life is brief and entrance into heaven cannot be bought with riches. We leave the world the same way we came into it so what is the point of hoarding, when someone else, who may care nothing about us, will inherit and perhaps waste all we have worked to achieve. The rich fool found this out to his cost because death exposed his real poverty. During his life he behaved as if he was going to live forever. He failed to realise that what counts when we die is not wealth but the person we become in the process of living. Greed cut him off from God and other people. It showed up the foolishness of thinking that happiness can be attained without taking God and death into the reckoning.

In case we are in the process of switching off, because we think that this gospel applies only to the rich, it’s well to remember that Christ preached this parable to people who were very poor by our standards. This is the story of the person who spends life without any reference to God. Christ is really warning us against going it along, and trying to hold the future in our hands - of wasting our time, gloating over possessions and setting ourselves down securely in this life’s comforts. This is a caution about greed and the hold which possessions exercise over the human heart. Greed and meanness are not confined to the wealthy but the most common of human failings and all of us can become victims of them in our struggle to earn our daily bread. They spell disaster for us and blind us as to where true values lie. The frustrations, disappointments and incomplete joy that the pursuit of material possessions bring are a reminder that happiness does not come from having what we want, but being content with what we have.

We can overcome the temptation to greed by helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves. What is given to others is not lost but is transformed into a treasure for eternity. In the evening of life we will be measured by the good we have done. Rather than wrap money around our hearts, we are urged to give our money to the poor. God is at the end of the line waiting for us when life is over.*

Ok so what I gathered from this is that you shouldn’t put processions before other people, but it confuses me with my situation.
My situation is I am 16 and I do not work I have no money other than what my family have gave to me or they have sold some of my old possessions, and for a fairly long time now I have been getting rather excited and looking forward too a new video game (Saying this, I am not the kind of person who goes out partying or spending lot’s of money all the time. I also sometimes put money into charity pots and such. So really video games is one of the only things I actually buy and I would say that doesn’t happen too often).
I have the money in order to get it before it comes out as like a preorder thing but not I am quite worrying over buying it, I mean I have been looking forward too it for some time now and myself and my friends have been getting rather excited for it but now I am just thinking that if I buy it, It will be greed, and it’s kind of making me depressed and worried.

Here the thing as I don’t have a constant income I can’t exactly do the things in which donate to some charities as they require monthly payments which I do not have, nor do I earn pocket money from my family.(I must note that just because I said my family give me money it is not often and I only receive some when it’s either my Birthday, Christmas or like this situation after a holiday)
It is really quite stressing me out because I am just looking at it there is no point me buying a game, or a DVD or a book or other things because I don’t need them for my survival and it’s making me really quite depressed.

What I am trying to say here am I worrying for no reason like have I misunderstood the message here, perhaps it is saying it’s OK to buy material possessions but as long as you don’t rank them above other people or God.
I stand by the thought of Money doesn’t buy happiness, but I think I may be over thinking the message too much.
Also as my normal Priest is in South Africa, the stand in Priest said something along the lines of “Greed is like worshiping a false God” and that has freaked me out even more, I mean I enjoy playing video games and watching films and reading and other things but I don’t think I have ranked these things above anything that what they are, lumps of metal and plastic, I mean I’d be sad if they were lost or broken but they aren’t like people.

So yes sorry about the long post but I just need some reassurance here as I am feeling rather depressed and quite stressed out at the moment.
Any answers would be greatly appreciated, as an added note though I do ask that you give the answer in as simplest form, in plain English as I think that, the language in the message may have been the reason for me not fully understanding the message.
Please any help or answers, please.


You’re fine!

Today’s reading reminds us to not invest too much of ourselves in worldly things, because one day it’ll all be squat.

Material possessions, video games included, are not the real problem - it’s how we relate to them.

Some people have a tendency to let video games dominate their time/energy/lives, and that’s similar to what the reading condemns: putting more of ourselves into this world than into God.

As long as this isn’t the case; I don’t see a problem :slight_smile:

You love The Lord, you do not use playing a game as an excuse not to go to Church.

Please do not worry, buy the game and thank God for it.

Ah Ok thank you for your answer, I mean I spend quite most of my free time in video games or watching videos and being on the computer in some way and such like, but I still go to Church, I still would do things if people relied on me too help. I don’t think video games dominate my life as I think I wouldn’t have gone on holiday or even be commenting on this forum XD, I’m not skipping meals because I am in a game or something like that, I help out with chores around the house and do work if it needs to be done (Like school work and such) and I have been trying some things to do different things other than video games, but in spite of this I do still enjoy spending time on them but I wouldn’t say they control my life.
Plus I’ve been getting into a fitness thing for around 30mins-an hour a day (Excluding weekends)so I do, do things other than just play video games, like reading and some productive things.
Does this still sound ok too you

Maybe whatever money does come your way, say from parents/relatives, maybe you could donate/tithe some to your church or the poor box (if your church has one) or another charity in your town.

You have posted here many times before with similar worries, and you tend towards scrupulosity. Because of this, you need regular spiritual guidance from your pastor to help you discern in matters like this. Please talk to your pastor.

First, God does not want us to worship material things or put things above Him. Second, at your age, using the money you do get to get things you enjoy, like video games (as long as they are not violant or saddistic), is quite natural. If you get an allowance, I suggest that you should (even at your age) tithe a portion to the Church first, before spending your money on material things.

God provides us all with specific talents and gifts so that we can earn a living to put bread on the table and provide for our families. For some He provides abundantly, while others barely seem to scrape by. If you are so blessed with great riches, according to God’s word, you should keep that which you need, and help the poor and needy with the rest. If you are poor, you should still be kind and generous with what you do have.

Be happy and grateful that you are only having to make a choice about buying a video game. So many people in this world are worried about having food for a meal that day or clean water to drink. Remember those who are less fortunate when you do have money to spend.

Be a humble man and gracious to God for all that He gives you, whether from work or family. Spend wisely, but do not worry that you are being selfish. It sounds to me that you have your head on straight, and know right from wrong. Trust in your faith in the Lord, speak to Him in prayer, and He will provide you with the answers you seek.

May God bless you and keep you righteous in all you say and do from this day until eternity.

Well when I do go to Church I do put some money in the collection that comes around and I think that goes to the Church or a parish in South Africa, does that count as contributing to the Church?
Thank you for your answer

Certainly it does

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