Need some help w/ the lingo


I can normally figure out who you guys are talking about, but can you clarify for me what all the ‘DH’ and ‘DD’ and all that jazz means? And ‘OP.’ I get that IMO is in my opinion, but this all gets a little confusing.


DH = dear husband
DD/DS = dear daughter/son
OP = original poster
MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL = mother/father/sister/brother-in-law


Happy to help, as I was confused by these at first, too! Somebody should put a sticky somewhere (or maybe there is one, and us newbies just don’t find it . . . )

DH = darling husband
DD = darling daughter
OP=original poster

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Just adding…

OP=Original poster or sometimes original post. (based on context)

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