Need some insight - what's my problem today?


I am irritable today w/ some co-workers over things that I’m normally able to tune out/ignore and sometimes even laugh at or take delight in. For one, just somebody’s cackly laugh is grating and another is really venting and carrying on about a problem w/ her kid and some other students that are causing problems at school. And then gramma cooing and baby-talking to her 2yo granddaughter over the phone. What is my deal today?
Pet peave - people saying ‘Oh my God!’ in exasperation. Just want to offer up a ‘Father, forgive’ them each time I hear it, like, every five minutes! I know, I know, not everybody is aware of this, nor do they share my convictions - lighten up JLC!

Yes, I’m pregnant, and true, maybe hormones are playing a small role, but I don’t try to write it off just to that alone. I read today’s mass readings online and they really hit a nerve to ‘bear one another in love.’ Hello! Would that not be a total act of mortification for me today! For now, just sticking my earphones in and tuning out to some L’Angelus and my work.

Can anybody offer some insight into the spiritual implications into this attitude? Thanks so much.


Awwwww. :hug3:
Don’t discount the role your pregnancy is playing in the way you are feeling and reacting.

Your homones are out of wack (and will be for some time after the baby is born). But I think even a bigger matter may be that you are starting to look at life from the perspective of what is good for YOUR child and YOUR family. It’s biological for you to want to the world have priorities that make sense for your child and your family life so everything you think and feel is going to be colored by that biological bias. Everyone little negative or trivial matter seems magnified to you.

Give yourself the permission to feel unreasonable feelings. That doesn’t mean you have to (or should) act on them or be pleased by them. But don’t expect to cure normal and your feelings are pretty normal for right now.


Wow, we must both work in the same office. I am not pregnant, but know how you feel. I work within the proximity of several co-workers and there are days when the chatter and laughter make me kind of edgy. I think it’s pretty normal. Guess all we can do is get up and walk around a bit and try to calm down. Good idea to offer it up too.

Take care with your health and pregnancy…


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