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*My younger kiddos go to the nursery twice a week at Church for about two hours while we are in class or mass and the norm is for the TV to be turned on and the kids given snacks till they bust. I asked if they had any materials for the kiddos to use in there and they said no. *

*Does anyone have links where I can purchase religious materials suitable for toddlers? Something like stickers, stamps and pads, color pages etc… *

*Anything actually would be good for kids of any age to include as well. We will be moving to a new parish at the end of the school year that is very small with little involvement. When we met the pastor last week he told us the average age for the KoC was 85. :eek: He also said their children ministries were lacking, simply due to lack of adults willing to participate with kiddos. *
Our current parish has all kinds of things to be involved in. Tons! I am going to have to find out how to get something started in the new parish.
Anyway, after we left my husband and I got really excited. We see this as a perfect opportunity to get head over heels in the church and motivate others as well. What a huge door God has opened for us and we are so very excited to be walking through it.


Search on Catholic homeschool materials. You should find all sorts of materials that might be helpful.

#3 has a good variety of books, games, videos, etc.

For activities and games, stickers and such that are generically Christian has a ton of stuff.

Several publishers and companies produce Catholic Vacation Bible School programs you can order. Here’s a review of one program.

Also, your diocesan religious education office should have a list of resources.


Holy day!

Re: need some catholic religious materials?
Please try to visit this site- for kids ( copy and paste )
For us, grown up, try visit this site, ( catholic doctrines )
as well as the catholic links

  1. 2. sunday sermons… 3. gloria olivae
    Hope you find it helpful. thank you and GOD Bless…

Junie Tan


They will also be able to let you know what is approved for use, and what steps need to be undertaken to begin a RE program.


Thanks for the links.
I don’t know why I didn’t think of Oriental Trading… I think I am going to buy a bunch of stickers, and crayons, and construction paper and bring them to the nursery this week.


Just a thought, …with all the lead in certain toys from certain places, make sure you check into that too. As we all know, preschoolers put lots of things in their mouths and you sure don’t want them to get lead poisoning.


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