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Hello, Can somebody rec’md an app on cell phone for the Rosary? I see it.s been asked before but can’t find thread.

Is your phone an iPhone or an Android device? The selection differs. I have an Android phone.

I personally have used Laudate and iBreviary, which I think are for both. Both have a lot more than just the Rosary though. Laudate has an interactive Rosary portion, and iBreviary just has the text.

I ended up just making myself a PDF with a bunch of basic prayers, including the Rosary.

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I use an app called Rosary Deluxe Audio. I paid $.99 for it. It’s very easy to use, I use it while driving to work in the morning.

I use Scriptural Rosary. If you have an android I can link.

There’s one for iPhone called Holy Rosary.

You can use Laudate.


Thank you folks.

thank you he is a convert . I think that will be very useful. When he signed up for RCIA I had him say the Rosary at bedtime so he could begin to learn prayers and added St Michael, and the Guardian Angel prayer. Those sites suggested sound like they will be very helpful. I want to find an app with the RSV-CE bible and the CC too. Bless you all for the help.

These may be worth your while to investigate further.

Catechism app on Google Play

Catholic RSVCE Bible on Google Play

Free Catholic Study Bible App for ipad/iphone, android & kindle fire.

The Best Catholic Apps for your iPhone & iPad <- is a pdf document

if you are looking for audio and listen to podcast, the podcast “A Rosary Companion” has the rosary spoken with various background sounds (like chant, rain, ocean, etc.)

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