Need some prayers for my church


I’m feeling a little down today 'cause my priest gave his ‘farewell’ homily today. He’s been at my parish for 15 years. I’ve posted on this before, you guys may remember. Anyway, he had to stop a couple times to clear his throat and his voice cracked a couple times, like he was starting to cry. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. He is a fantastic priest and I really believe him to be a good and holy man. Our associate pastor is leaving as well (he’s also awesome). We’re really going to miss them. It won’t seem the same without them.
We’re getting two new priests at the end of the month that so far everyone says are great. So, here’s to hoping. They’ve got big shoes to fill, though.
I just feel pretty sad is all I guess and I knew you guys would understand. Would you mind sending up a prayer for my parish and our priests, new and old? Transition is pretty tough, I’m finding out. Thanks again all.
And thanks for putting up with me whining about this again. :smiley:

God Bless. :slight_smile:


Done Cecilia. I know exactly how you feel - particularly when he’s the priest who baptized your kids, helped them make their First Communions, and prepared them for Confirmation. Ours went from being the rector of a cathedral parish for something like 15 years out to the country to be the pastor of something like three rural parishes. Pray for vocations.


Oh, thank you so much for replying. Yes, it’s so hard to adjust. This comes 2 years after they closed the parish that I was baptized and had my first communion in, as did my brother and sister. Drifted from the faith for a while, came back home to this church and now the priests that assisted me so much in my journey are leaving. Just makes me sad because I feel like a chapter is closing.

Again though, I appreciate your prayers so much. :slight_smile:


Our priest is leaving too :frowning: Makes me mad, he was awesome. He got a standing ovation when he lead mass at my high school the other day. Never heard clapping in mass before, it deinately was a first. I’ll miss him


You know, we clap all the time in my church. For the choir or whatever. Maybe we’re weird. Yesterday we gave a standing ovation for Father when he was done with his farewell homily. He was all choked up and so was our associate pastor and everyone else. :crying: It was a beautiful homily.

I’m sorry your priest is leaving, too. :frowning: It’s rough. I’ll say a prayer for your parish.


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