Need some quick help - is this a sin?

I will be going to Mass in a few hours and am worried about something I said yesterday. I’m celebrating Pope Francis’ election along with the rest of the Church, but it just really hit me that Pope Benedict is no longer our Pope. I love Pope Benedict and really trusted him, and I do miss him. A whole bunch of things in my life just sort of combined, and I was tired, upset and crying, and I said to my mom that I was not too happy with God right now, and said some of the reasons.
Is this a sin, getting angry with God? I’ve heard that it is but also I feel like it’s human to not always be completely pleased with life events…I tried to make an appointment for confession today but could not get through. Is this a mortal sin? I am asking here because I think I have some scrupulosity issues and don’t want to miss Communion if I shouldn’t. But I don’t want to rationalize something to myself that actually is cause for abstaining.
Thank you for your help.

Sorry, I can’t really answer because am Anglican and have a different take on sin than you guys in that my priest told me, it not a sin being angry with God. But like I say, am Anglican and would probably give you wrong advice.

If you’re concerned, ask your mother if what you said is a sin and follow her advice for this evening and I think I would tend to say, confess it to God in the service and if you are at all concerned still, take it next time you go to confession and inform the priest too about having some issues with scrupulosity at the same time so he be able to help you I hope. I hope a Roman Catholic can reply in time to you

I don’t believe it is a sin as you described it. If you were cursing God then yeah, but since you are just sad to see Pope Benedict go, then I think you’re fine :stuck_out_tongue:

The criteria for a *mortal *sin is that it has to be: 1) a grave matter, 2) done with full consent, 3) done in the full knowledge of it being a sin.

Thus, the very fact that you’re not sure if it’s a sin or not means that it’s not a mortal sin and you can receive communion in good conscience. :slight_smile:

i once had a priest tell me that it was perfectly ok to be mad at God and to let him know you are angry. he made us human with human emotions. the trick is once you let him know you are angry, allow him to console you, let him forgive you for your anger, and grow from it…
it also wouldnt be bad to go to confession, your priest may offer advice that i cant give you…

:twocents: What you described sounded like a mood. You were sad and frustrated.:confused: I would say being angry at God is a sin because you are denying that God is right, true, and holy. But this comes from my Protestant days so you might want to check that out. I doubt pretending you aren’t angry at God makes it better. From what you described I would take Englishredrose’s advice. How much control over your emotions do you really have?

So it doesn’t sound like you have committed a mortal sin to me but I am not able to tell you. If your anger went very deep and you reacted to it, maybe it was. :blush:

All I can go by is my little confession guide app, called “Confession: A roman Catholic App”. This app does have some endorcement from Catholic press (for what that is worth), and bares the distinction of an effort by gay marriage advocates to have it banned from iTunes (they never went after it on droid).

This app, does list anger against God as a grave sin against the second commandment “Do not take the name of the Lord in vein”.

If this is correct, it would be prudent to abstain from holy communion and go to confession. Even if not “mortal”, one should abstaine in the case of objectively grave matter.

That sounds like an emotional reaction. I don’t think it is a mortal sin and that you expressed your feelings to your mother appropriately. I would go to communion. I usually confess venial sins too and would bring this up next time I go to confession.

The OP didn’t say that she/he took the name of the Lord in vain… just that she was sad and not happy with God at the moment. Hardly the same thing.

I really appreciate everyone’s answers but I am sort of more confused now :o . I could try calling the priest again to go to confession today, I just don’t want to make an appointment that would probably be inconvenien for him as it would be around dinnertime, and then be told that it’s not a sin…I don’t want to be annoying to him or ask him questions that he will think I didn’t need an appointment for. I have a hard time telling if my worries are unfounded or not. Not sure if I should call back…I will go to confession tomorrow if I can’t today, it’s just that I’d hate to miss Communion if there is no reason to do so.

I didn’t curse God or take His name in vain. I sort of listed things that were/are upsetting me, and that I didn’t understand why God was making things that way, and not allowing me to change certain situations (not the pope…some other circumstances in my own life).

I’ll need to leave inabout an hour so I probably don’t have time to make an appointment anymore :frowning:

Don’t worry about being angry with God, or telling Him how you feel - I’m quite sure He can take it!

If you really feel upset about it then go to confession - hearing confessions is not “annoying” for a priest, if anything the opposite is true. Remember that sacraments are made for us - not the other way around - and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is about healing and restoring; not about fear and worry.

Anger against the Lord is an offence against this commandment, per the particular examination of continence I am utilizing. I would caution against putting the commandments in a box. Let me give you an example, spreading false rumor against someone to cause irreparable harm against them is a sin against which commandment? That’s right, Thou shalt not kill.

I would say this, go to confession and discuss the matter with your priest. If you have a regular confessor (who is good) then so much the better. I would suggest that the best policy is when in doubt, refrain from taking communion. I know it can be difficult, but it’s also a powerful witness of your faith, as is the fact that you even asked this question.

cLook, Jesus said come to me take my yoke m y burden is light… really you must not let the Devil keepn you from your relationship from God because of some legalists here on this forum. God knows your heart…He sees how you feel…if you are struggling. Rest in the Lord…after all He is a God of Love. Go worship Him and talk to Him too…You can be upset withHIm…that is part of a friendship. God, Jesus love you…now stop worrying a d praise Him for His good ess, His lovingkindness. Love God with all your heart and love yourself too for He loves you. He knows you are sorry. When we are weak He is strong. Most of all,…praise Him!

I would suggest that frequent confession has little to do with legalism and I would not encourage someone to not confess when their conscience is telling them otherwise. The Holy Spirit acts through your conscience, it is the voice of God when well formed. This is why we Catholics (and Christians in general) are so protective of conscience rights. We must obey if we are to obey God’s call in our personal lives. Far from legalism, this is about the spiritual healing we all need. Confession is a beautiful sacraments which imparts a healing we need.

It’s worth noting, the Holy Father Blessed John Paul II was known to have gone to confession once a week, do you believe he was committing that many “mortal sins” (particularly as many here tend to define them). Please, confession is something we need. If a good examination of continence says anger is a grave sin, it’s worth investigating.

For goodness sakes this isn’t a judgement against the person. I get the feeling a lot of false compassion is in play here, as if, if we suggest this person somehow sinned then we’re being harsh and judgmental. Nothing of the sort. What we’re trying to do is give the best advice we can within the context of our learning, experience and position (generally as lay believers). We are offering the best spiritual support we can, and helping in our own small context build this individuals faith. This is a positive, not a negative.

To the OP, I reiterate. The fact that you posted this question is fantastic, and a good witness to your faith. My suggestion remains the same, obey your continence and go to confession.

The love of Christ be with you

In response…never did my reply suggest that they not follow the dictates of their heart and go to confession…Of course they should if they feel compelled to do so. Where did you get this idea? However, it was apparent to me that they were feeling heavily burdened and my advice was to focus on Our Lord Jesus and His love and forgiveness and that God knows your heart a d whether your intentions are pure or not. I feel this person is sincere and yes you are right…the fact they come to the forum looking for help is fantastic. But please do not judge me or what I was saying. I am a Child of God such as you are and the Holy Spirit is alive a d well in me as well, I do find that my heart tells me that legalism…or sticking to rules at all costs is not positive. In this case I would think they are already distressed enough and don’t need to be judged and told they have to go to con fession.,…what if theyn don’t? Do you really think God is that small?

Well first, allow me to apologize for any undo judgement on my part. That said, to the second part. I think it’s worth stressing that telling someone to go to confession is no judgment at all on the part of the person making the suggestion. And in fact, this is the main idea I’m driving at.

If someone says “should I go to confession if” and in fair judgement and honest appraisal of the described act you think it’s worth the persons while, then where is the judgment of character or disposition of soul? This is a fair judgment made based on the description of the act, after study of an examination of continence. I’d like to reiterate, that this kind of judgment isn’t made in distane of the individual, or to provide any undo stress upon them. Rather, this is purely a judgment based upon the facts made in love with the best interest of the believer at heart.

I do realize that sometimes its hard to tell the difference (I’m being 100% serious here) and that is why I personally always do my best to carefully word what I say so the other party knows, they need not feel personally judged. If need me, let me say I have done way worse in my life and frankly need the sacrament for far worse things. This is why I appreciate honestly withregards to need for the sacrament. Indeed, I am entertaining the idea of weekly confession.

thanks for the reply…no problem. We seem to be both coming with the best heart forward. My hope is that the questioner did find benefit and most likely did…at least the outpouring of concern and caring by yourself and others shows the love of God. :slight_smile:

That’s what I love about coming here, I have witnessed so many (your self included) display the love of Christ so well. It is very uplifting.

Thanks, that’s what I ended up doing. Went to Mass but did not receive, then went to confession on Saturday. I do have a regular confessor who is very good, and I asked him about it…he says that it doesn’t sound like what I said was grave matter; that it would be if I were cursing God…which I was not. He’s not the type that tells you that basically nothing is a sin, and I very much trust his judgement. I agree that it is better to be cautious (within reason) though.

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