Need some quick help - is this a sin?


Also for the record, I am female…didn’t think my username was manly, lol, but it seems there has been some uncertainty on this thread, haha.



How wonderful to hear! :thumbsup:



Why are you afraid of going to confession? It is a sacrament and you can only gain by it.
Whether you sinned or not, the priest will help.

I was not angry with God when the last Pope resigned. It was not God’s doing. We seem to blame God for our actions. Pope Benedict resigned of his own volition and I did not agree with him but who am I to judge? I know God will bring good from our actions. TRUST IN GOD. He knows better than us.



I knew you were female…that was easy to discern. I also am and so then maybe I picked up on that. Take care and God bless!



I hope I wasn’t using male pronoun, because I was thinking female as well =)



It’s not that I ws afraid of going to confession, I just was unsure of the wisdom/necessity of making an appointment to confess this. It would have been inconvenient for my priest as it would have been around dinnertime, and I would have been making it very last minute. I know he wouldn’t be annoyed if someone really needed to go to confession right away even if the time was inconvenient for him, but I would have felt bad if I greatly inconvenienced him for a venial sin.
But I went on Saturday so it’s all good now! :slight_smile:



No someone earlier in the thread was saying he/she, and someone else used “their”, so I thought I’d clarify :slight_smile:



Thanks! & thanks for the help!



that is so wrong a judgement to make but that is for another thread to thrash that one out! I have no desire to hyjack this one but couldn’t overlook such a sweeping assumption based on how something may be written etc:eek:



She was only saying that because I had clarified later in the thread since it seemed there was confusion…she probably could tell by my username. Anyway it’s no cause for an argument, no harm done! :slight_smile:



I think the awesome thing is that you have a relationship with God. Now in any such relationship I think there are disagreements. Obviously God is Supreme but to have a natural reaction to things is just that-natural. I do know people who got angry with God (truly) and have never gotten over it. They then get resentful and their hearts harden. With that said I think confession is the medicine. Is it a sin? Not sure about that . I do think you might need to be careful to not get so analytical that you are doubting everything. Trust in God’s Divine Mercy. Visualize Jesus on the cross. Have the Blessed Virgin lift you up to Him. Look in HIs eyes. Tell Him you love Him, that you need HIs Mercy. That you have gotten angry with God. Let His eyes show you His mercy. Ask Him to have Mercy on you and the Whole World. Jesus Lives!! He is Merciful. Keep your heart open to His Love and Forgiveness. And touch Him in Confession.


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