Need some reassurance Please

Okay well this may sound stupid to some of you I suppose but I am rather worrying over this, I go to church with my mum and most weeks I go to confession after mass to confess sins and such but I also go to ask questions as I would call myself rather scrupulous(But I feel I am making some progress with this :thumbsup:). But anyway after coming out of confession there are some old ladies there who me and my mum have talked to before but not in great detail (I do not know their names).
But they asked my mum if I go to confession often and my mum said yes but he also asks question while he is in there.
Then the little ladies either said I would make a good priest or I might become a priest when I am older, and although maybe the fact they saying I would make a good priest is kind of a compliment perhaps from my personality.
But heres the problem, I don’t want to be a priest, I don’t think thats my vocation, I have never really known what job I wanted to do (I used to want to work with animals but then I got older and I now haven’t got a clue really) but one thing that I have wanted to do for a long time, I’ve said I just want to meet a nice girl, get married and have children raising them correctly that is the only thing that I am certain I want to do.
But heres the thing is after their comment I kinda thought is that disrespectful to God for me not wanting to be a priest, and also my character I take things quite literally and those ladies saying I would be a good priest for some reason I feel like I have to be a priest now and I am rather stressing out over this (Like I said it sounds stupid).
But like I said above I want to get married and have children and such I suppose I just need some reassurance from somebody saying just because somebody said I might/would make a good priest I don’t have to be one.
I think my vocation is that of married life, but how do you know for certain what your vocation is. I mean I’m 16 and I want to get married and have children is that also strange in anyway?


Trust in God and he will guide you! I would suggest speaking with a priest about it, for example when you’re in confession. If you feel more drawn to a married life it probably means that that is your vocation. However, as I said, it’s always better to speak to a priest about it.

And don’t worry, it’s not disrespectful!

It’s completely normal for someone in your age to be drawn to marriage so don’t worry!

I will pray for you!

By the way, judging from your recent posts, is seems you’re worrying for a lot of things. You really need to stop worrying that much, it’s only going to stress you out! I know how you feel, since I too was very scrupulous before, and it really only made me feel worse when I couldn’t do anything without getting worried.

Trust in God, he will always help you!
God bless you!

Thanks for both of the posts, Yeah I stress about everything though Health among other things, but I wasn’t too sure about brining this up to a priest in case I offended him by saying that I didn’t want to do the same profession as himself.
I feel like I have passed the worst with my scrupulosity as I was worrying about a lot of things before now I am not and I have a better understanding of some things, the trick is to stop thinking about sinning and doing wrong and you’ll find that you wont find yourself doing it, and thats what I have been trying to do and it has seemed to be working until this occasion as I feel like my old self, relaxed and such so hopefully I can keep it up:thumbsup:

I’m glad to hear that you’re less scrupulous now!
Of course he won’t get offended, not everyone can (or want) to become a priest! And if everyone did there wouldn’t be any persons left on earth since priests live in chastity :wink:

I’m 15 and I feel I have some form of OCD/scrupolousy.
I remember someone said to me about being a nun. It’s obviously a great honour and privilege to serve God like that. But I’m not sure myself what my calling is. So you’re not alone.

What the ladies said was a very nice compliment. I think older people tend to say that about young people involved in faith.

Whatever your calling from God may be, to the priesthood or to be married with children, is something I’m sure God will help you on and lead you.

I know it’s hard when your scrupulous, but try not to worry. Whatever God has planned for your life will work out, Jesus will guide.

You can pray to God about this. You could also ask priests and other people in religious life and those you feel may help, like family.

I love the idea of being a mother. I love kids and I’d love to raise them. But whatever God has planned.

Since you said you’re 16, you may still be in school so you’ll learn more with God’s help as time progresses.

Anyways, you’re not alone. Nice to know neither am I :slight_smile:

By the way, this is my first post giving advice. I’m a new member and my posts have been mostly questions. I’m still learning too, so please God what I wrote is alright <3

God Bless

Rather than wondering, it might be helpful to go on a discernment retreat. It would give you a chance to meet others who are discerning the priesthood, and to explore whether you have a call.

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