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I posted about a year ago: about my (now ex-)boyfriend. I broke up with him two days ago, and now I am feeling terrible. I think I did the right thing, but I just feel like the worst person. We have so many awesome memories, and he’s my best friend, and I don’t know what to do. I just keep crying, and I have final exams coming up. It’s all too much.

I just need someone to talk to.


Hi there :slight_smile: I know how it feels to break up with a boyfriend and it hurts and it feels sad. It just takes time. Cry it out. If he wasn’t the one, it wasn’t wasn’t to be, that just means there will be someone else down the road for you. You will get there one day. Enjoy time with yourself and getting to know better who you are and what Gods plan is for you.

I hope you get to feel better soon. Do you have any friends you can go out with and who can cheer you up and take you out for a girls night or whatever? I thought that helped a bit.

Also, careful of rebound relationships!! Eeek. I know you aren’t even there yet but I have seriously dated some of the WRONG people on rebound.

I know it is hard to study when you are feeling so sad. All the best with your exams. Things will be better! I know it!



I know how touch it is… I have been there and am still there to some extent… even though it can seem totally unreal it really is true that time is a healer though…
but heck… I dont know what to say… broken hearts should have time to heal… they should have a few weeks of luxury on a spa-hotel payed by the state… many people dont know what its like to have a broken heart… how devastating it is…!

you must seek refuge in the arms of Jesus now and trust in Him. He knows what is best for you and loves you like no one ever could. He can be your peace… And He will give you strength to pass the exams… He did exactly that for me in the same situation… You just gotta ask Him.

One thing I did that helped me was to pray a prayer of life-consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Even if it can seem frightening it also brings much relief to know you have given your life over to Him and trust that He will take care of you in every detail of your life…
And pray for your former boy friend… and for your self…
Its okay to cry …

Hugs from a sister who knows the pain :console:


Thanks. I did go out with a friend, but I still feel miserable at home. Plus yesterday I met him for coffee because he’s really taking it hard and I think he really thinks I might change my mind. I don’t know, I might, but I don’t know. I’m just so confused. He was my first boyfriend.


Did you break up with him because of his lack of faith?
Be careful what you do my friend… :juggle:
maybe this man is the man you are going to love always and…
if you love each other and nothing else is standing in the way…

I am sorry… you probably know what you are doing. I am biased… pro-love… anti-tears…



It’s totally fine ( and probably good ) for the two of you to hang out together as friends for a little while. I did with my long term BF for about 6 months until one of us got into a new relationship and we no longer kept in touch.

Sorry you feel so miserable :frowning: It WILL get better. It’s like losing your BEST and CLOSEST friend. I know. It is such a period of growth too.


God knows what is best for you. If it was God who was leading you to this breakup, in time, you will feel peace. It will always hurt in the beginning though but you will know peace. Pray that you did the right thing. God’s grace will never lead you where His grace cannot keep you. Tell God everything and just trust in Him. Don’t confuse sorrow with anxiety. Don’t worry about time going by, if it is meant to be, you will know.
Remember that your relationship with God is more important than all others. As for studying: Right now, study for 45-minutes at a time then pray the other 15-minutes. Just as you have to budget time to studying, budget time for praying and crying. Just get out all the tears and even write a letter to your boyfriend to get out feelings–just don’t send it to him. Also, ask yourself if you were a parent: would you let your daughter date this guy? Good luck with your exams!!:slight_smile:

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