Need suggestions for Catholic music for teens

Hi all: I'm in the process of shopping for a teen male who's a music lover (especially loves great guitar music). I'd love to find something from the Christian music market, and it would be a plus to be by a Catholic singer or band. I'm afraid I'm not 'up' on such music, though awhile back I had another request re music, more for myself, and got some great responses.

What singer(s) or band(s) would you suggest? Thank you for any help and God bless.

I have a friend who listens to almost nothing but Christian rock, he speaks very highly of “Anberlin” and “Skillet” and I think I remember hearing something about “Red”. If he’s more into metal “As I Lay Dying” would be a great one :thumbsup:

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I have a friend who listens to almost nothing but Christian rock, he speaks very highly of "Anberlin" and "Skillet" and I think I remember hearing something about "Red". If he's more into metal "As I Lay Dying" would be a great one :thumbsup:


im the same all i listen to is christian rock aswell.
the bands above are great. i would also suggest maybe Emery,thousand foot krutch, sanctus real, showbread, since october, relient k, We Came as Romans, ivoryline, the list goes on and on.

My favorites would be emery and sanctus real. for something heavier it would be We came as romans.

If he’s a fan of neo-classical type guitar playing (like Yngwie Malmsteen) with a bit of a harder edge, you might try something like Divinefire or Narnia. They’re a bit more guitar-driven than your standard Christian rock/metal. Both bands are Christian, but not Catholic. I haven’t noticed anything in the lyrics that would be offensive to Catholics, though.

You gotta check out Needtobreathe (one word). They are a talented and amazing group. They have incredible acoustic hooks in their songs. Two of the band members are brothers (vocalist and guitarist) and their dad is a preacher so not only is their music great but their message is even better; not all their songs deal with religion though. They will be touring with Taylor Swift this year (she's a big fan of theirs and hand-picked them to be the opening band. Best songs are Washed by the Water, Streets of Gold, Something Beautiful, Garden, These Hard Times, Lay Em Down, More Time, Nothing Left to Lose, The Outsiders, You are Here, etc. :thumbsup:

Other great musicians: Jeremy Camp; songs: Give You Glory, Let it Fade, You're Worthy of my Praise, Capture Me, Empty Me, Enough, Take You Back

Audio Adrenaline; songs: Ocean Floor

Casting Crowns; songs: Until the Whole World Hears, Lifesong

Decemberadio; songs: Drifter, Least of These

Kutless; songs: Strong Tower, Word of God Speak

Stellar Kart; songs: Jesus Loves you

*Matt Maher *(he's Catholic); songs: Hold Us Together, Alive Again, Your Grace is Enough

I hope this helps you. The lyrics and music are powerful. Let me know if I can help more. May God bless you. Keep spreading His word in this wicked world & He will never deny you!

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