Need support for my new blog

Hey there everyone! I’ve been inspired to make a new blog based around my day-to-day activities as a teenage boy, and especially, as a Catholic. Basically, it’s sort of a journal where I record and talk about things that have happened to me, as well as ongoing events.

I would very much appreciate your support; whether in the form of prayers or suggestions you could make, to constantly improve and continue this little project :smiley: If my blog turns out to be popular enough, I might even buy my own domain!

If you have any prayer intentions (such as for those who were affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami) and would like to see them posted on my blog, please, don’t hesitate to Private Message me. And of course, suggestions and advice are always welcome. God bless you all! Saint Christopher, intercede for us. :thumbsup:

Happy to pray for you, Christopher. I’ll check it out!

As someone who runs his own Catholic blog on the rosary (see my signature), let me give you a piece of advice – buy a domain now! There are a few reasons. First, people will take your site more seriously if it has its own domain. Second, as you accumulate links to your site and build a presence on the web, you don’t want to have to start from scratch with a new domain name. Third, if you put that small upfront investment in at the beginning, you will treat your site more seriously. Fourth, it is much easier to create your own identity (theme, catch phrases, etc.) with your own domain.

Now, if your intention is to have a personal blog and you don’t care about traffic, then no need to buy a domain. But if you want traffic (which I assume you do since you posted requests here), then start the site under its own domain.

Thank you very much, PrayHarder, for your advice and suggestions. I am seriously considering buying my own domain, but I really need to make sure that this website will be something that I’ll really be devoted to. A sort of confirmation, if you will. Perhaps in a few weeks time, when all the doubts have been cleared, I’ll ask permission from my dad to buy me a domain.

By the way, I checked out your website and I loved it! I’m sure that my mum will love it too, since she is very devoted to praying the rosary, especially at this time of Lent. If I may, with your permission of course, could I post a link to your website on my blog? I’m sure that us both, being members of the Universal Church devoted to spread Christ’s Good News through the internet, will complement each other nicely. Once again, thank you very much for all of your support. :thumbsup:

Sure I don’t mind doing a little link swapping. I don’t have a huge following on the net (yet) but every little bit counts.

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