Need text of St. John Chrysostom


Can anyone link me to the full text of this quote?

“God has had great account of this city of Antioch, as He has shown in deed, especially in that he ordered Peter, the ruler [Greek] of the whole world, to whom He entrusted the keys of heaven, to whom he committed the office of bringing all in [or to sweep the whole world of its plunder] to pass a long time here, so that our city stood to him in the place of the whole world. And in mentioning Peter, I have perceived that a fifth crown is woven from this, for Ignatius received the episcopate after him.” (Hom in S. Ignat M 4, vol II, 591[597])

I also see Steve Ray has given that same quote the citation, Beginnings on Acts 2:6, Chapman 96

I am looking for a web link. Not a book. And I have not been able to find it!!


See paragraph 4.

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I put the wrong quote of his. I found that one, sorry Ut, for looking that up. What I am REALLY looking for is this one:

“In speaking of Peter, the recollection of another Peter has come to me” (viz. St. Flavian, his bishop) “our common father and teacher, who has succeeded to the virtue of Peter, and also to his chair. For this is the one great prerogative of our city, that it received the coryphaeus of the apostles as its teacher in the beginning. For it was right that she who first was adorned with the name of Christians [cf. Acts 11:26] before the whole world, should receive the first of the apostles as her pastor. But though we received him as teacher, we did not retain him to the end, but gave him up to Royal Rome. Nay, but we did retain him till the end; for we do not retain the body of Peter but we retain the faith of Peter as though it were Peter himself; and while we retain the faith of Peter, we have Peter himself.” (Hom in inscr Act II, 6, vol III, 86[70])


I know this is a bit off subject, but i was searching writings of Ignatius and after reading a letter he wrote to Mary, mother of Jesus. We have record of a letter she wrote back.

The lowly handmaid of Christ Jesus to Ignatius, her beloved fellow-disciple.

The things which you have heard and learned from John concerning Jesus are true. Believe them, cling to them, and hold fast the profession of that Christianity which you have embraced, and conform your habits and life to your profession. Now I will come in company with John to visit you, and those that are with you. Stand fast in the faith, 1 Corinthians 16:13 and show yourself a man; nor let the fierceness of persecution move you, but let your spirit be strong and rejoice in God your Saviour. Luke 1:47 Amen.

I just thought that was awsome.


found any info yet? ive been searching homolies but nothing yet.

what does (Hom in inscr Act II, 6, vol III, 86[70]) stand for?


Homily on the Inscription of the Acts II. 6, volume 3,


Todd was able to find me the Greek text, but that’s it. Still useful to me though!


If it’s not here I doubt it’ll be found…,_Sanctus.html


I was directed to 21st homily on John and 44th homily on Matthew and letter to Pope Innocent 1 but havent had time to look yet.

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