Need To Expose The Exposers


There is a website,
which has posted a series of articles against Ratzinger,
Benedict XVI, which, quoting copiously from his books, make him APPEAR to be an out and out heretic.
I would LOVE for someone with a LOT more knowledge of Ratzinger’s writings than I have, to check out that website
and then, using Ratzinger’s writings IN CONTEXT, show how these men are misrepresenting him.
I bring this up because of ReformedRob’s post Does Benedict XVI Believe in The Papacy down below. Anyone can be quoted out of context to make them look absolutely ridiculous, and I think this is probably the case with the website above vis a vis Benedict XVI.
Love to all, Jaypeeto2



:tsktsk: Holy Families Monastery? ‘Brother’ Peter Dimond ‘OSB’.
A well known bunch of no nothing schismatics associated with SSPX.Forget 'em!

It is scandalous that Peter Dimond dare to call himself an Ordained brother of the Benedictines. By whose authority was he Ordained, given that he and his community are way outside the Church?


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