Need to help a friend learn the Faith...any ideas?


I am hoping maybe someone has some ideas for me?

My friend is in her early 30’s and has never had any religion in her life. She thinks she was baptized Lutheran, but isnt sure. She has been asking questions here and there about God and I would really like to either buy her a book or some tape sets that might help her learn. The problem is that she really doesnt know anything about God and didnt even know who Jesus is. Where do I start?? I would love it if you could recommend some books or tapes that are good for those just beginning to search out Faith and God and religion?? The problem I am running into is that most do not start off basic enough. I have tried to talk to her about the Church and Christ, but I get a blank stare sometimes because she doesnt know what I am talking about, so I must not be addressing it right…
Can you offer some ideas on what to say, and any good books or tapes? I was thinking that Fr. Corapi or Scott Hahn would be good, but I cant find anything basic enough.
Thanks for your help!!


Good question. I can’t think of anything at the moment. It is hard when there is no base at all.

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